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Calin Culianu aka cculianu, an Electron Cash developer have started a new project called Fulcrum.

I decided to package Fulcrum for Fedora Linux and distribute it via COPR.

Fulcrum is a fast & nimble SPV server for Bitcoin Cash. It is written with C++ and Qt.

It is possible to include the server into the official Fedora repository in the future.


# Enable package repo
$ sudo dnf copr enable jonny/BitcoinCash

# Download and install the package
$ sudo dnf install fulcrum

# Start the fulcrum service
$ sudo systemctl start fulcrum.service

# View the logs
$ journalctl -f -u fulcrum.service

# View the status
$ systemctl status fulcrum.service

Sounds strange, but my intentions was to call the package fulcrum, will find out why I needed to call it Fulcrum-contrib-rpm.

Update: I managed to rename the package name to fulcrum.


The config file is located /etc/fulcrum.conf.

There is a dedicated user called fulcrum that runs the server via systemd, the datadir used is /var/lib/fulcrum.

The executable is installed in /usr/bin/fulcrum and can also be executed as a normal user.

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1 week ago (Last updated: 5 days ago)
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