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Drawing has always been used to help children express their creativity. In particular, extensive use was made of coloring albums, with images left voluntarily in white which then had to be colored according to a palette of shades, with limited colors. This type of exercise is still widespread today, with one substantial difference: you can color a drawing digitally.

Coloring pages: where to find them

If your child wants a physical coloring book, the easiest thing to do is go to the newsstand . There you will surely find many albums, some even with many pages, that your child can enjoy coloring. The advent of digital, however, has also brought with it numerous advantages: among these, that of being able to find coloring pages also online tulostettavat varityskuvat värityskuvia lapsille. This choice is obviously much more advantageous from the point of view of costs and waste of paper and color.

What subjects can be found

By doing a quick Google search, it's easy to come across any subject you want to draw and color. They range from cartoon characters to people drawn in the most famous professions: firefighter, nurse, doctor or traffic warden. The convenience lies in the fact that each site hosting this type of minigame gives the possibility to navigate between the various categories and subjects , making the choice much more comfortable and practical.

Differences with paper albums

Approaching the drawing to color online, some differences immediately jump to the eye, and to the hand:

  • Faster drawing : just click on the delimited space to see it immediately colored in the shade we have chosen. So you can complete a lot of drawings in less time and keep the child busy for longer.

  • Choice of colors : while with paper you were limited either to the colors you had at home or to those that, only a few times, were supplied with the album, by coloring an online drawing you have access to a potentially infinite color palette. Some sites make the entire digital palette available, thus stimulating even more the creativity of the child, who can learn more quickly all the colors existing in nature.

  • Savings : even if the prices of coloring books have recently dropped, they are still at levels that, at times, can be prohibitive. Accessing the various drawings online, on the contrary, does not have any kind of cost and above all, involves less waste in terms of paper and markers.

  • More space available : do you know the mess left by a child after he has finished coloring a drawing? Here, forget it if you let them do it online. Whether on a tablet, PC or smartphone, after he's finished you won't have to worry about putting his clothes in the washing machine or having him tidy up his markers.

Even if the paper certainly retains its charm, there is no denying the convenience of being able to have these drawings also in digital format. Even for adults, after all, it can be a way to pass the time and disconnect from the routine.

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