My Crypto Goals for 2022

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1 year ago

There are still 11 days left before the year officially comes to a close, but I already have my eyes set on next year.  This is something important that many people overlook.  It's easy to get caught up in the here and now, without having a destination in mind.   But if you don't know where you want to go, you may never reach that great final destination.  With that in mind, before the beginning of each year I like to plan out my goals for the upcoming year.  Last year I had two main goals that I was hoping to achieve.  The first was that I wanted to be able to build a nice-sized passive income from cryptocurrency.  I was hoping to build an income of $2,000 or more each month from crypto.  The second goal was that I simply wanted to never take my foot off of the gas pedal in regards to my accumulation crypto. Going as hard in as possible. While prices drop or go up, it often becomes extremely easy to lose confidence and stop buying.  Thankfully I kept to my word and achieved that second goal.  I was partly able to build a nice crypto income, but unfortunately I fell short of the goal I had set.  I still have more work to do here.

But, what about 2022?  What are my goals for next year?  People often over-estimate what they can achieve in a short period of time, but underestimate what they can achieve with a longer timeframe.  Therefore I will be setting some personal goals that are very ambitious, but yet, still achievable in my opinion.

Here are my goals for 2022!

1) Continue to Build Up My Monthly Crypto Income

Yes I know, this technically is a repeat from last year.  But, it is still something that is vitally important to me.  After-all, my large overall goal is to obtain financial freedom, and this is a great tool to be able to do that.  Last year I set the goal of earning an income of $2,000 per month from cryptocurrency.  During the peak months of 2021's bull run, I was able to come very close to that goal, but never did officially achieve it.  For next year, I am striving towards an even more ambitious goal of earning $4,000 or more per month with crypto.  I won't lie, it's going to be very difficult, but it something that I'm very excited to work towards.

2) Never Stopping My Accumulation

Again, this is another repeat from last year; actually I kept both goals for the upcoming year.  The truth is that this will be a reoccurring goal for me each and every where.  It is a mindset that I strive to keep.  Being in the cryptocurrency market can be a very difficult place to keep your mental sanity.  It can play mind games, and break the most confident of people.  I devote more time into crypto and researching than most normal people do.  Because of that I have grown to have extreme conviction.  The most bearish price drops in the crypto industry where the greatest opportunities that I've ever taken advantage of financially.  Those moments are what helped me build the portfolio that I have today.  I strive to remember this if or when things become bearish, and take advantage once again.

3) Be An Explorer

Do you remember when you were a child and everything that you interacted with seemed so exciting, brand-new and awesome? That is the approach that I hope to keep beginning in 2022 and also keep it forever.  When I first got into bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I had this mindset and it served me very well.  I explored the markets and projects, even tinkered or experimented with protocols.  Connecting wallets, performing swaps, staking and the list goes on.  It all seemed so fascinating to me.  Because of that I was able to receive some very generous airdrops from the likes of Uniswap, ShapeShift and more.  But somewhere along the way, probably when gas fees began to rise, I began to stop that exploration.  Because of that I missed out on many opportunities that would eventually give out airdrops at a later date.  Such as the ENS airdrop and more.  If it wasn't airdrops, I also missed out investing in great projects that I was following very closely but just didn't follow through and invest in.  The projects that come to mind right now are Solana, Luna and Avalanche.  All projects that I have been following since their infancy when they were dirt cheap.  So I strive to keep that childish excitement and keep an open-mind.  Often times if you are able to maintain both, the cryptocurrency market will reward you immensely.  I have already begun this process.  In 2022, I believe that one of the largest themes will be Layer 2's coming into play.  Especially for Ethereum.  So I have begun bridging Ethereum over into see of these layer 2's, and also performing swaps with them.  It is a bit of a gamble, especially with fees being quite expensive.  But if those rumored airdrops do come, it will have been a very wise decision.

4) Get a Job in Crypto

I think it is time that I would like to land a job somewhere relating to cryptocurrency.  Like many of us, it is once of my greatest passions, and takes up a majority of my time.  So why not get paid for it?  I must admit that I have no idea what I would do yet, or even qualify for yet, but it is something that I hope to figure out. While there is possibly more risk to entering this industry because of the uncertainty that comes with bear markets.  With that said, I think this is the key industry of the future, and will be a catalyst that helps to change the world.  I would like to be a part of that. 

5) Build My Socials, Substack & Make a Crypto Podcast

On a lot of these crypto blogging websites, you will learn that it becomes much easier for your work to perform better the larger follower-base that you have.  I've really seen this come into play on places like Publish0x, and also on places like Hive. But the later is more related to your reputation score instead.  It similar to that old investing phrase; "It's easier to make money, once you have money."  Having a large amount of followers on these blogs and on places such as Twitter can be an indispensable tool.  Which is why I hope to focus on that and build it even further.  I began my Substack blog more than a year ago, but up until this month, I have kept it entirely free.  Focusing on building a subscriber base instead of earning an income.  But, beginning next year I will put more of a focus on it.  Creating exclusive content or interactions with people that become a member.  And finally I would like to make a cryptocurrency podcast.  I had one in the works that should have already started by now, but because of life and schedule difficulties that has been delayed.  I am hopeful to get that going soon.  I'm already always talking about crypto, might as well record it and make content out of it. 

So there you have it.  Those are my goals for the year 2022.  They were a mix of goals that you can easily see or measure the results, and others were mindsets that I would like to have.  As far as the cryptocurrency market goes, I remain incredibly bullish.  While the bull market has been slowed by FUD, banning, financial markets and Covid.  The bullish movement in my opinion has only been delayed, but still will be coming.  I look at the prices of bitcoin, ethereum and other coins, and see prices that I consider to be bargains.  You will think the same once the market has turned bullish again.


How about you? What are your crypto goals for 2022?



As always, thank you for reading!

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1 year ago


Onward and upward to you, and I hope you achieve all you want to. $4000 a month from crypto would be sweet to say the least. Not sure what my own goals are. I don't necessarily set many when it comes to crypto since stocks remain my main source of secondary income. But that's fast changing, so who knows what is possible? And the more I learn and understand, the easier it becomes for me to make certain decisions around crypto.

I do know one main focus for me in 2022 is to put the bulk of my investments into Celcius to earn interest on them. And of course I am wanting to step up my game on read and noise as well, with an emphasis toward read.

By the end of the 2022, for example, I'd like to have at least 500 subscribers on read, and I think that is achievable.

I will look forward to the coming posts from you filling us in on your progress.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much! I always appreciate all of your comments and support. My goal will be hard to achieve, but the march towards that goal will fun in of itself.

That's a great goal to have! I would be thrilled to reach that amount of subscribers on here as well! I'm rooting for you!

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1 year ago

Good goals! I think a podcast could be really interesting, but you would have to work on an angle that differentiates you from others. But I enjoy reading your articles, so would be interested in your podcast as well!

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1 year ago