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What is trending on Twitter right now? Corona Virus Outbreak is trending on Twitter. Obama sold the virus to China five years ago, back in like 2015 or around that time. Spoiler Alert, here is my crazy conspiracy theory. Rick Grimes returns to The Walking Dead and says that the zombie virus is simply the Corona Virus and the cure is Orange.  Yeah, ORANGE you glad I didn't say banana? No, not Orange Guy Donald Trump but the fruit, the orange. Why? Cuz Vitamin C.

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2020-02-26 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-26 - Wednesday

I saw the Newsies in 1992 when I was seven

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in February of 2020

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Mark Will Delete Me

12:21 AM - Facebook

Nissi Pearl, i am not allowed to show you, said mark zuckerberg, or he will delete me

Favorite 2010's Shows

01:06 AM - Steemit

What were your favorite 2010's shows? For me, probably the only show I watch each week since like 2010 or 2011, and through the entire decade and beyond, was The Walking Dead.

What were your favorite shows from the 2010's?

Favorite 1900's Shows

01:19 AM - Steemit

What are your favorite 1900's shows? One that stands out for me came to me in like April of 2019. I was surfing the web. No. I was channel hopping on a thing called cable. Yeah, I usually don't look at traditional television any longer. I'm usually on the Internet, instead. But nonetheless, I was on my TV. No, not on my TV. But I ran across Father Knows Best. I didn't run him over when I ran into him haha. I started watching it. I like this show. This show premiered first on the radio in 1949. It went on for six seasons. In 1954, the series deputed on television, on CBS which then canceled it after the first season. Then, NBC picked it up for three seasons. Then, CBS picked it back up until May of 1960.

What are your favorite 1900's shows?


2020-02-26 - Wednesday - 01:25 AM - 02:19 AM - Outlander 302

Scotland 1952

Jaimee becomes Red Head Robin Hood

They cut the boy's hand off

A class

Woman and negro sit together

They try to say that people are sexist

Yeah, some people might be racist and sexist

But not many people are

Not really

That is fake news that the show promoted

Leftist propaganda

Separate beds


Invalid Cookie


David Knight said he didn't know Alex Jones going to go live all of a sudden in a live stream, in a video, as he stood outside of a courtroom to talk about Judge Jackson and the corruption in the U.S. government.

Fire Zombies

09:15 AM - Facebook

Ian FäZr, please unfollow me, pretty please with sugar on top

Ian commented here, "Stupid move," to photos of me voting on the 20th of February of 2020. He might be from Canada as well. He may be against voting. Some people believe in keeping votes private. In the past, votes were never really private. It should not be. It is a better move to show people what is happening in the mist of corruption.

Jorge Peralta, oh, I think Ian is from Canada and Ian probably hates freedom. He probably doesn't even know what it is.

Shane Harro Harrison Ian commented: "he legit can’t stop this, he needs it."

Tron vs Steem

09:25 AM - Steemit

I don't know the specifics, technically, but I would say I hope not assuming that would be a bad thing and I do assume that.

Weku vs Steem

09:26 AM - Steemit

Yeah, Weku was down for like a day like you said. A few hours ago, Weku was back up and I posted there.


09:31 AM - Steemit

I don't know if I told you that my mom raised me and 3 siblings. Now, we may not have been disabled, depending on the definition of disabled. Some of us may have struggled with autism, Asbergers, etc. We were homeschooled for a while. Yeah, clay is a wonderful thing.

Making The World Better

09:34 AM - Steemit

If you're not going in a clear direction, then I might assume you are Bernie. A Nazi does not allow for discussion. A tyrant does not have conversation. They shut you up. They don't listen. Like YouTube videos with disabled comment sections. Raising awareness is one of the first steps in making the world a better place.


09:35 AM - Steemit | Wikipedia

Have you seen a film called Contagion?

Have you seen a film called Contagion?

Carona Virus Trending

09:42 AM - Twitter

Carona Virus Outbreak is trending on Twitter

Carona Virus Outbreak is trending on Twitter.

Fighting Cancer

09:50 AM - Steemit

You said that we need to "Undermine this system" and I do not disagree and I never said that we should not and cannot undermine this system and I am trying to describe the path towards doing that same thing which you wrote there, I am on that same path, that same page, but the process is gradual in the attempt at getting more and more people onboard to take action and to be educated and to be interested. Keep in mind that everything is cancer. Now, communists disagree. Socialists believe that you can get rid of the cancer that you mentioned. But the cancer is in the heart of men.

Alex Jones Show

10:03 AM - Steemit

David Knight is right, assuming Alex Jones didn't really give him any warning that he was going live or whatever the case might be during the David Knight show this morning. Yeah, Alex can do whatever he wants as Infowars is his, basically. But perhaps a lack of communication, etc...

they're lying to trump about the #coronavirusoutbreak the Corona Virus Outbreak

Should we also have Facebook Pages as well on Steemit, on Steem?

Changing The World

10:16 AM - Steemit

Trump is trying to make government smaller. Alex Jones is helping. Other patriots are helping. Brexit is helping. The protest in many countries around the world are helping. People are doing many different things to help. You can join us if you want. You can be part of history if you want.


10:30 AM - 04:30 PM - Day 2 of the work I was doing yesterday. WOrked two hours longer than yesterday or possibly three more. Same money. 5 oh. Two new places. Garden prep.

04:30 PM - 07:30 PM - Walmart. Church. 2 Peters is a good book.

Merry Mayhem

07:30 PM - The Babedom Menace

Babedom is New

Nerdy is the Nerdiest

Thanks For The Health, That's Why I'm Here

Healthier Relationships = Better Than Sex

Sex or Play Basketball Haha

just an outline would do

Or Start Relationships with Women

Open Doors For Women, And Compliment Them While They Walk By

I like Women With No Makeup

I would prefer to marry a woman with no makeup

Not Just Boobs

Look at Boobs or Face

Dino Merry Mayhem

Merry is the Funniest of the Panel

Tugg is the Smartest of the Panel

Boobs Are Human Pillows

Nerdy is the Cutest of the Panel

It's Not Babedom Without Anna

Chase = Harrassment lol. Dance = Consent.


Noodles. Soup. taco salad. 2 Coffees.


07:57 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Wednesday - 2/26/20

Yippy is powered by IBM Watson

Duck Duck Go




I like to read the Bible and history books.

Family Guy 1990's

08:43 PM - Steemit

Awesome. I didn't even know about Doctor Who until like 2016 or something like that. I didn't see that episode of the Family Guy where they go back to the 1990's. I should watch that entire episode. When you said Wilderness Years, my brain thought Wonder Years.

Trump said that 25K people die annually in America from the flu. Now, that may be somewhat true and yet inaccurate and incomplete. ALso, Trump talked about vaccines. But vaccines are generally bad. Also, Trump should close the borders.

Stopping Globalism

09:21 PM - Steemit

Are you for Open Borders? I'm reading a book called The Killing of Uncle Sam. I like Lisa Haven. I've never heard of rabid nationalism but I probably align with it. I like nationalism in general. Yes, Brexit is a step in the right direction. But it partly comes down to certain choices Boris Johnson makes, say for example. Boris may have said things and done things that might not be helping England in the best ways possible. But I feel that Boris is trying to do right thing. At least, I  want to believe that Boris is not a globalist. I just don't know how good Boris is. I like what Prager does.

The letter to Grover mentions laws. It is true that government makes too many laws. They're passing too many bills. I would try to halt the passing of all new bills. Actually, the orange man has been trying to reduce regulations. Who said that voting is secret, private? I hate taxes, the IRS. No Treason mentions the constitution and I love the constitution or at least the first ten bill of rights. In the Field Manual PDF, it mentions how bad government can be and I agree.

Do you lock your door? I took a photo of my vote. Government is bad. We have government. We live in reality where we have bad stuff. We cannot just make bad stuff and bad people disappear.

Are you protesting Trump for that? I encourage you to protest Trump. I try to protest Trump on how 5G is giving people cancer. You say you cannot use bad stuff. But that is all you got. You are basically saying to do nothing. Because bad is everywhere apart from something eternal.

Comedy in the 1980's

09:44 PM - Steemit

What were favorite 1980's comedies, comedians, shows, movies, sitcoms, standup routines, etc? I like Pee Wee Herman.

Rugrats - Parody of Intelligence

10:09 PM - Steemit

What were or are your favorite 1990's cartoons? One that is kind of stuck in my mind is Rugratswhich I first saw at the house of Tiffany and Michael Cumbo who were some of my favorite childhood friends. They had cable and Rugrats was on Nick. Rugrats premiered on the 11th of August of 1991 back when I was six. I first saw the show probably before 1995. We would watch it sometimes.

Parody of Intelligence

Spoiler alert my babies, pun intended, if you haven't seen Rugrats, you filthy rats on dee rug, the show focuses on Tommy and the gang who can talk to each other as infants. Look who's talking now. I would say that the show spells out a perfect illustration in how people can label you as a baby, even if you're an adult. Like, people can call you dumb and underestimate you. You can prove them wrong just like Tommy.

Giant Toilet

In one episode, they went to the pool and thought that the diving board was a flusher for the toilet. The whole swimming pool was like a giant toilet. So, the babies were trying to flush it. I don't remember if they got up there or not. But in life, we gotta flush out bad people from our lives, no doubt.

What were your favorite 1990's cartoons?

Profits Over People: A History of Big Pharma/Chemical/Agriculture Cover Ups

Top 2010's Music

10:27 PM - Steemit

What were your favorite songs, albums, artists, bands, etc, of the 2010's? One particular song that gets stuck in my head sometimes is Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk.

Billboard Charts

Billboard Hot 100 - Top 100 Best Songs Of 2010s (Decade-End Chart)

Bruno Mars

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars = 3.7 Billion Views

What were your favorites?

What are your favorite centuries?

10:55 PM - Steemit

What are your favorite centuries and why? I'm not going to say the 1800's even as man made incredible progress that century. Why? Because man made even more progress the century after that, especially in the form of JFK as seen in this photo from 1963.

What are your favorite centuries?

Surviving The Virus

11:06 PM - Steemit

Should we buy water pumps, filters, distillers, water wells, etc, for gathering river water, rain water, etc, for collecting water, storing water, as a backup system that can recycle itself?

Walking Dead Corona Virus

11:25 PM - Steemit

Spoiler Alert, here is my crazy conspiracy theory. Rick Grimes returns to The Walking Dead and says that the zombie virus is simply the Corona Virus and the cure is Orange. Yeah, ORANGE you glad I didn't say banana? No, not Orange Guy Donald Trump but the fruit, the orange. Why? Cuz Vitamin C.



2020-02-26 - Wednesday - 01:25 AM - 02:19 AM - Outlander 302

Invalid Cookie


Merry Mayhem

07:30 PM - The Babedom Menace


07:57 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Wednesday - 2/26/20

Fox News

09:10 PM - Trump takes coronavirus questions, says virus response shouldn't be political


09:51 PM - Owen Shroyer Delivers Speech At First Amendment Summit

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I knew a boy in my hood as a kid named Randy

who are you? accent. mon. growing. kind of made my day when she said who are you. keep up the good work. she said she is her mother... stuff in ground by tree... blades snapped off maybe this week or who knows when exactly... ropes... stuff... dig fence posts... train track boards... banana. almonds. 2 waters... heater.... gutter guard... metal roof.... 2 pcs ok... what ya gonna do with da doe... umm yea stuff many... like what.... i dont know.... oh u wanna take me shopping... but i prefer shopping alone and so many things to buy and need more time to shop... happy with doe... the 100 total for 8 hours... not but said yes

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Carona Virus Outbreak is trending on Twitter

Toby Young's "free speech" union is not free speech

VA ARREST Follow up - Filing Complaint Against Officers Through OIG Hotline

Family Guy 1990's

Profits Over People: A History of Big Pharma/Chemical/Agriculture Cover Ups

When good people stop voting, then only bad people vote, and that is how things get worse and worse.

Differences between democracies and constitutional representative republics.

Preparedness in a Climate of Paranoia

I went to jail. My true crime in 2012 was taking a phone from a drunk who was prank calling 911.

America is Better Than China

Flush Out Your Lungs Daily

Trump vs Corona - 2020 General Election Debates

Double Government

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