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I voted Trump today. Mini Mike Bloomberg is being pretty honest and may beat Bernie Sanders to face off with Trump in the U.S. 2020 General Elections later on this year. Judge Amy Jackson said she may throw Roger Stone in jail for up to eleven years. Alright, maybe 20 months. But that is too many months for an innocent man. Next time, that could be you in the courtroom being sentenced unfairly, unjustly, even if you were innocent just like Roger is innocent. Seth Rich was not Russian. Also, Russia didn't hack the DNC. I'm reviewing April of 2018. Was watching Picard and Outlander. I was not feeling good today. Might have had some weird dreams around 8 PM today. But I can't remember what it was about. It might have been vivid and that happens sometimes and the things that happens in dreams can be so complex and hard to understand. Some of my dreams can be like metaphysical in that I'm thinking in my dreams unlike when I was a child where dreams were simpler. Now, as I get older, dreams become like ten different things all at once like a knot of ideas that are intermixed. Such is real life. That is why it is a joy to make things simple as things are already muddy oatmeal haha.

Presidential Primary 2020 Voting
Free Write - Keeping It Straight

Presidential Primary 2020 Voting

04:48 PM - Steemit

Same way Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Minds, IWA, Live Journal, TOL, VIA, ASOV, etc, banned, terminated, destroyed, deleted, erased, deactivated, censored, knocked off, removed, etc, me and others. Medium did the same under the guise that I was possibly spam.

I voted Donald John Trump today. I scanned my ballot for the record because I want to have this archived, in the public, just in case somebody tries to pretend to vote in my name. I made 3 videos showing this.1 2 3 Also, 5 photos. 1 2 3 4 5 Now, I'm not saying they still cannot take advantage of me. Going public can have consequences.

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2020-02-20 - Thursday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-20 - Thursday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in February of 2020

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Chandler Crump

12:44 AM - 2/20/20 Stream

Deep Dive Community

12:49 AM - Steemit

These are the type of posts that we need more of. That's why I joined this community. I love thinking deeply about things. This virus can be bad. But at the same time, either way, people can try to force bad vaccines onto people. Government creates problems and then pretend to solve them. They use turmoil as an excuse to overreach.

Fulmbling Towards Jesus

01:07 AM - Steemit

So, Fumbling Toward Jesus is like Daily Bread, like Word of Life Quiet Time? I love daily devotionals. So, I'm glad you are here doing this, Hess.

Open Seed

01:15 AM - Steemit

I'm a web designer and I do like what you guys are saying about Open Seed. So, I'm going to try to be open minded. I agree with the philosophy of things like Bit Torrent, IPFS, cryptocurrencies, P2P, decentralization, etc. So, Open Seed appears to have a good thing going for them. I'm totally new to this, so, I need to do my homework and find out more about these things.

Open Seed vs Mea Omnia

01:21 AM - Steemit

As a web designer, I was working on a Facebook competitor website that we called Mea Omnia in 2012 and we were trying to make it a one stop shop. Our project failed. Now, I like Steemit. And also, this Open Seed thing appears to be promising, like you said, as a cross platform. So, I do wish the best for this project. Speaking of Gab, I do use Dissenter which lets you comment on any web page on the Internet via the Dissenter add-on or tab inside the web browser.

Light Speed vs Worm Hole

01:25 AM - Steemit

What might happen first in our real world, the ability to travel at the speed of light or a star gate? What is easier to do, theoretically? Or what is more dangerous?

Helping Content Creators

01:51 AM - Steemit

But content can cost money to host online. Meaning it can be tough to an extent. Text costs less money. Video can be bulkier. So, I agree that we should always try to help content creators and that is why I like things like IPFS, Bit Torrent, P2P, etc. Not to say we can't try at least to improve Steem, Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Brighteon, Banned.video, etc. I like decentralization. I love Bitcoin. I love witnesses. People should be paid to help host content online. Perhaps, Steem could find ways to pay people to host content, to be witnesses so to speak. I know Steemit has witnesses. But I feel that there might not be as many Steem witnesses as there are Bitcoin miners.

Free Write - Keeping It Straight

02:18 AM - Steemit

It can be hard for people who lie. So, honesty is the best policy. Is it strait or straight? I forget. But I do know it is an ongoing job. This is my free write entry. I am writing this while listening to some kids on YouTube listen to the democratic debates. It is kind of funny because they are not keeping it straight. They can't keep their stories straight.

To be straight means to not get lost too often on rabbit trails. No offense to the bunnies, but the ninja turtles won the race. That is what I love about cute turtles. Be faithful. Be consistent. Keep moving like a small turtle. That is how you keep going strong. Be a turtle. Be a cute turtle. I'm oatmeal. But I'm also a turtle haha.

Star Trek Picard

2020-02-20 - Thursday - 02:37 AM - 03:23 AM - Picard 105

Seven of Nine had a friend died. Her child? People were trying to open him up as he was like a borg. She came to save him but was too late as they pulled out his eye.

Picard talks to Seven

Free Cloud



Health care place: "Your baby is our baby."

Umm, I don't think so. That's trafficking, theft.

Picard: "But murder is not justice."

Wrong. It can be if it is an execution. If you kill a murderer, then it is not murder. It is good to kill very bad people, not bad.

Picard was a Borg and said he is still trying regain his humanity even as he is almost 100 years old.

Seven kills the lady


2020-02-20 - Thursday - 03:34 AM - 04:30 AM - Outlander 209

Training to fight

Keep feet dry and healthy

Or you may have to cut it off

Flashback to World War 2

Green aliens might be soldiers in green face paint trying to blend in

Sleep. Coffee. Orange.

Invalid Cookie

10:47 AM - INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 2/20/20 W/ News and Music in breaks 9am - 7pm - David KNight. Alex Jones. Owen Shroyer


11:20 AM - Steemit

Dissenter appears to have limits. I remember a few comments didn't go through for me in 2019 and possibly 2020 as well. There may be limits to how often or how many comments can be posted on a single web page. It could be technical errors, as in malfunctions.

Spam Block

It could have been when my comments were very small or if I was trying to copy and paste the same message onto the same web page, as in duplicate comments. In other words, it may not be censorship.

Good Censorship vs Bad Censorship?

And by the way, I'm not against censorship. Instead, I'm against publishers like Facebook who pretend to be platforms as they say they will not censor anything and then say they do censor things.


I prefer transparency. I prefer that a website tells me what their rules are. They should follow their rules. The problem can be selective enforcement of the rules. I'm not saying that they should censor or that it is censorship. It depends. But if they say they will not censor and then censor, that is a bigger problem. If a social network has one set of rules and then suddenly changes their rules without telling their users, then that is a pretty big problem.


I'm not saying that Dissenter is perfect. But it is the best page commenting add-on that I've ever seen. Well, to date, the only one I've seen. I'm also trying to say that censorship is fine within the realm of private property. Now, technically, certain parts or certain aspects of the Internet can be or might be public property, completely or to an extent, in some ways, long story. So, it can be argued that public town squares offline and online should not be censored at all or to an extent.

Private Property Rights

But private property owners should have the right to do whatever they want with whatever that they might own. I believe in ownership rights. I believe in private property rights. All of this can be complex with all of these different things. I like Dissenter. But if Dissenter is perhaps doing what they should not, then I hope other things can compete with it.

Dissenter & Steem

Same thing with Steem. If Steem goes down the wrong path, excessively, aggressively, without original oatmeal, then shame on them, long-term speaking.

Bitcoin Steem Similarities?

11:39 AM - Steemit

I don't know if I asked you, but does Steem allow for anybody who runs Steem on their computers, servers, etc, to be a witness, technically speaking, similar to how anybody who is mining Bitcoin is technically a miner?

Witnesses vs Miners

I know Steem has the top 20 witnesses, but is the 21st witness still a witness? Are there limits to how many witnesses there can be? Does a witness have to be voted for in order to be a witness?

Peer to Peer (P2P)

I would prefer that Steem allows people to mine Steem like people mine Bitcoin or to be Steem witnesses similar to how IPFS and Bit Torrent works. I don't know if Steem allows for this already or not but that is what I would prefer, that anybody can run Steem to help decentralize Steem, to help backup the data running on Steem as the more the computers the better.

Liberty vs Globalism

11:45 AM - Steemit

Are you against the second amendment? Who do you want to help keep your family safe, federal government or you? I prefer local communities over the tyranny and authoritarianism of global government. Do you want government to grow and grow, bigger and bigger? History shows patterns of how people try to take more an more power. But they generally try to do so by pretending to help keep us safe.

Christian Fellowship

11:57 AM - Steemit

I like what you're saying because people do end up trying to deal with addictions on their own. They should go to God for help or at least to a pastor, a mentor, etc. Many times, people can say they have no struggle. They may be unaware. In Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings, one of the first of the twelve steps in their program involves admitting that there is a problem in the first place. Romans is a great book. James is pretty practical.

Gentlemen vs Jerks

12:04 PM - Steemit

There are good men out there. The hard part is finding them. There are men out there that would die to protect a princess like you. But many men can be lost inside emotionalism, lust, greed, power, etc. So, I encourage you to be careful of the bad boys out there. You should find a prince and not a thug.

Deleting Your Thoughts

12:08 PM - Steemit

I wrote about that, about the brain phones and how they seek to scrub copyrighted thoughts, dreams, like you said. I've been writing and talking about this since at least 2018, if not longer. I encourage people to talk about these things more and more.

Dishes. Voted. Mailed in the ballot.

Censorship Dangers

02:19 PM - Steemit

Presidential Primary 2020 Voting

04:48 PM - Steemit

Same way Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Minds, IWA, Live Journal, TOL, VIA, ASOV, etc, banned, terminated, destroyed, deleted, erased, deactivated, censored, knocked off, removed, etc, me and others. Medium did the same under the guise that I was possibly spam.

I voted Donald John Trump today. I scanned my ballot for the record because I want to have this archived, in the public, just in case somebody tries to pretend to vote in my name. I made 3 videos showing this.1 2 3 Also, 5 photos. 1 2 3 4 5 Now, I'm not saying they still cannot take advantage of me. Going public can have consequences.

Voter Fraud

Some people can say that you should not talk about private matters. However, there may be greater consequences for not going public in regards to certain things, in some cases, unfortunately. It depends on many factors, long story, believe me. Keep in mind that governments, corporations, and others, have been violating the 4th amendment of the United States, that is relating to privacy which Facebook and others violated. Voter fraud is a big problem in some countries. George Soros has bought voting machines and/or has done things relating to many different things that you wouldn't believe and I don't have time right now to talk about some of those things. So many different things.

Zombies Are Voting

People have been voting in the names of dead people and other people. Sometimes, people go to vote and they will tell them that they already voted. Sadly, they will even say that their dead parents or relatives voted as well. How is that possible if those people are dead? Easy. The democratic party has been getting people to vote in the names of other people. They bus people in. They even pay people to do things. Follow the money to see what I'm talking about. This has been happening for years. You can find articles about these things on the Internet. You can watch videos relating to these things. All of this is a long story. Look at Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration for example. There is so much to be said. I encourage you to investigate what I'm talking about.


In this post, I'm sharing 5 photos and 3 videos of me, my ballot, my vote for Trump, the envelope, and my oatmeal face haha, today. I encourage you to go public with who you vote for. Yes, who you vote for should be private. But people have been lying about who is voting for who. They are trying to steal it from Trump in 2020 as they did already to an extent in 2016 where so many ballots were shredded, dumped onto the side of highways, thrown in the trash, switched, duplicated, not counted, etc, etc, etc. There are videos that shows some of these things. They even get illegal immigrants in to vote. Even Obama was encouraging aliens to vote and that they would not be arrested, imprisoned, and fined....

Only One Republican Candidate

05:49 PM - Facebook

Facebook Post

One Republican

Somebody on Facebook asked me why there was only one Republican on the ballot.

Because they generally don't want to run against the current President who ran in 2016 as a Republican. So, in 2012, some people voted for Obama. So, Obama was probably the only democratic candidate in 2012 as Obama was running for a second term. There were probably different Republicans running in 2012. And then in 2016, many candidates from both parties and possibly other parties too like a green party or libertarian party, etc. In 2004, when Republican Bush Jr was running for a second term, there were probably no other Republicans running against Bush. Normally, a political party will let the President run for a second term, I think, without trying to compete with them, if the President is of that same party. Now, they can if they want and some people might try. I don't know if any Republicans are running in 2020. Well, if they are, they may still lose as many people are voting for Trump. So, it might be a waste of money to try to beat Trump. But you can write in your own candidate on the blank line at the end. You could even write your own name down or any name and vote for that. But it may not matter as not many people may vote for you haha or for a random person. But people can, normally.

Debating Trump

06:32 PM - Steemit

I agree that more people need to confront, protest, debate, and at least attempt to write to Trump, to talk to Trump. I don't understand why Trump is the only Republican candidate in 2020. Yes, Trump will win. Yes, democrats will be trying to steal votes and everything from Trump as they did to Trump and Bernie Sanders in 2016. But at the same time, people should tell Trump about the problems with vaccines, geoengineering, 5G, tech fascism cartels, the Federal Reserve, the Corona Virus thing, Soros, other people other things, etc, etc, etc. Are you against protectionism? If so, then why? What is the opposite of protectionism and does it rhyme with open borders and globalism and 1984 authoritarianism?

Steven Crowder

LIVE NOW! #633 WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T: BLOOMBERG! | Rudy Giuliani Guests | Louder with Crowder

Fox News

06:26 PM - Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Colorado

Why is the background faded?

My House vs Our House

06:40 PM - Steemit

Do you have the right to do anything you want inside my house?


06:56 PM - Steemit

I use Ubuntu and it is not hard. Plus, fiber optic Internet is faster than 5G. Long story short, people could do a lot more if they simply built or customized their computers.


I can assemble tower desktops and I can say that it is possible do a lot via things like Bit Torrent, IPFS, etc. I would encourage Steem and other social network blockchains, etc, to let people seed Steem either completely or partly.

Completely or Partly

That is how Bit Torrent works. They let you decide which videos, photos, files, etc, you want to download. Plus, they let you seed, AKA upload or distribute it back to others, that is peer to peer (P2P). In other words, they should give people the option to simply share and not share however much they want.

Share The Load

That would let people with smaller computers, devices, to at least help share the load if they want to. It should not be all or nothing but customizable to the individuals.

Compensated Adequately

And each individual should be compensated and paid for seeding, for helping, for sharing. If Steem does not do this, assuming they aren't, then they'll fall behind and competitors will rise above. Steem should consider these things if they're not already.

Gun Debate

06:57 PM - Steemit

In the 1700's, didn't people own canons?

Trump Post Removed

07:01 PM - Facebook

Why was my post removed? I wrote that I voted from Trump. That post was removed by the admin of this Facebook group called 2020 Trump for President Group.


08:00 PM - 09:35 PM

Red Letter Media

09:41 PM - Star Trek: Picard Episodes 2 and 3 - re:View

Salamander Lives Matter


Mom went to Canada in 1966 when she was fifteen in 1996 with her family and met Johnny.


Johnny came to Oregon on his motorcycle to say hello. After that, mom went on the Greyhound bus to Seattle and then to Canada that same year when she was 19. It was after Bill left her. Bill gave her a promise ring and still left.


Chandler Crump

12:44 AM - 2/20/20 Stream

Star Trek Picard

2020-02-20 - Thursday - 02:37 AM - 03:23 AM - Picard 105


03:25 AM - Star Trek Picard Episode 5 Review | Stardust City Rag


2020-02-20 - Thursday - 03:34 AM - 04:30 AM - Outlander 209

Invalid Cookie

10:47 AM - INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 2/20/20 W/ News and Music in breaks 9am - 7pm - David KNight. Alex Jones. Owen Shroyer

Golden State Times

02:27 PM - PARDON FOR ROGER STONE: Trump BREAKS his Silence at Las Vegas Speech

Sav Says

02:38 PM - The Porn Industry Is Not Empowering To Women


03:14 PM - Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, and Islam


05:28 PM - The Impeachment Handbook with John Yoo & Richard Epstein


06:19 PM - 🔴 President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally LIVE in Colorado Springs, CO 2/20/20

Golden State Times

06:23 PM - LIVE: Trump MASSIVE Rally in Colorado Springs Colorado

Fox News

06:26 PM - Trump holds a 'Keep America Great' rally in Colorado

Sav Says

07:45 PM - Highlights From The 9th Democratic Debate

Red Letter Media

09:41 PM - Star Trek: Picard Episodes 2 and 3 - re:View

The Deplorable Choir

10:53 PM - Pardon Roger Stone

General Shepherd

10:55 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Thursday - 2/20/20

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