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5 months ago

Who is your favorite super hero and why? I prefer Batman among all the normal guys absent of super human power. From among those with supernatural powers, I tend to favor Superman even over Dr. Strange and Wonder Woman. The ultimate guy who would beat all of them is Jesus who even defeated death itself. I like Star Trek. I enjoyed watching Suits. I watched through The Expanse in January of 2020. In February, I'm watching through The Outlanders which deals with time travel.

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2020-02-10 - Monday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-10 - Monday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN

Published in February of 2020

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12:54 AM - Steemit

What you said is not relevant. It does not matter if we know that they know that we know, something something. In law, it doesn't matter. Psychologically, we may lose faith in humanity if everyone is crying wolf and there is no wolf. People can begin not to trust people. But legally speaking it doesn't matter.


People put out disclaimers. It is kind of like a trend. I'm not saying that people should but people do and I understand the motivation behind disclaimers. You might be right but many things in life is paradoxical. Life is a contradiction. Well, not actually but only from limited perception perspective.

Nothing Something

You can say nothing when you say nothing in the sense that the something is no more valuable than nothing and therefore should be classified as nothing.


What you did was good. If she had no evidence, then she probably would have lost her case, right or wrong, she would have been unable to prove her case. So, I would have told her that she must have enough evidence. She should not focus too much on hearsay or whatever as that becomes her word against theirs.


One of my favorite shows is called Suits. So, some of what I know about courtrooms come from nine years of watching that television show.


If the salesperson said there are no guarantees, no promises, that the hair removal will be permanent, then that is a disclaimer, and they would use that in a court of law and would most likely win thanks to that. Things would be different if they were to constantly say that the hair will not grow back ever again no matter what. Well, you don't have to call it a disclaimer. It could be called the fine print which is usually written very small.


You asked me a question. There are pros and cons between the different ways we can advertise. There can be risk involved. In some cases, liability perhaps. Legally speaking, there is the example of the person who sued I believe McDonald's many years ago because the person spilled hot coffee onto them. So, they went to court and the person won. After that, McDonald's would put a disclaimer on their coffee cups that says it is hot.

Fine Print

Many times, people end up taking other people to court. They sue them. All kinds of things happens. People go to court way too often. So, I don't like it but I know that it happens. So, I encourage people to be careful. What a person should do depends on a few factors.


To answer your question, a seller doesn't have to say he or she may not keep their promises, assuming that they made promises. Sellers should avoid making promises in the first place or simple say it can happen.

Hair Removal

As a seller, I would say that it can remove hair. I would use the word can and not will. Also, I would add that it can or may stop hair growth permanently and/or temporarily, possibly, to some extent, sometimes, for some people.

Playing Dumb

People sometimes play dumb, the sellers, buyers, etc, to various degrees. But at the same time, not always and not completely.... but yes, we all should learn to laugh at our own stupidity from time to time. In high school, I may have tripped on my shoelaces or whatever. I remember choosing to laugh at myself and to move on. Learn from mistakes and carry on. Yeah, art is in the eye of the beholder.

Long Nose

I have not heard of the expression of the long nose. Perhaps, what you are saying has something to do with blaming your faults on his. Is long nose a reference to Pinocchio?


Yeah, that is lawyer talk. When you say you, you don't mean me or just me but anybody reading. I do that too.

Banned Pelosi Action

01:10 AM - Steemit

Either way, I would say to people, "You can't see the last second of the 2020 SOTU because it is banned. You will not see that Pelosi ripped up the speech. That is at the end of the speech. It is banned on social networks but you watch it at"

Harvesting Bodies

01:18 AM - Steemit

I would be scared to death to sell my plasma because I'm kind of using it right now and it may not help other people and who knows if anything will leak into me during the process and I shouldn't want to fund them as they end up doing other things too, as well. For example, in China, they do a lot of organ harvesting.

Disinfect Ourselves

01:30 AM - Steemit

My question would be whether or not you can disinfect viruses or not without dissolving them? I would encourage people to pull the molecules of the viruses apart. Well, in our body, enzymes should be able to dissolve viruses. So, our body can disinfect via our immune system.

Acid Rain

01:48 AM - Steemit

Did you hear about how some say the China government is burning the dead bodies and that a bunch of sulfur dioxide is being released into the atmosphere? Well, that is a rumor. I've not confirmed this yet.


2020-02-10 - Monday - 01:55 AM - 02:51 AM - Outlander 103

She asked her husband in this flashback before World War II or during it about how much work it is. Well, at one point should we give up ship and start learning German, she asked. Fair question but the truth is not that simple. And to keep it simple, it depends, long story short.

Back in the past, she thinks about telling the maid that she is from the future, but she then had a daydream where she sees her maid calling her a demon.

Years ago, the one girl remembers that one man when he was there and she was like eight.

Talk about magic

She talks to the red head

She tries to heal a boy but the Catholic priest stopped her and did his thing which didn't help the boy.

Redy talked about how some people view all women since Eve as tempters of men and should be beaten daily by their husbands.


They nailed the boy's ear to some wood in the public town square because he stole some bread.

Why not make him pay money for it?

Germany. Oh, I mean Prussia.

The lily of the valley leaf might be poisoned.

So, she says the boy was poisoned and it was not a demon.

The priest got mad and yell.

The maid allowed the woman to treat the boy.

The priest was so angry like a little boy having a temper tantrum.

Clean up the horse with hay.

A song described her situation concerning going to a land and then coming back, but it applies to her with not land but with time travel.

She is scared that the stones could take her back even farther back in time.

She fell back in time.

But she is still determined to diue trying to get back to the stone to return to her present time in the future in the 1940's and out of the 1700's.

2020-02-10 - Monday - 02:52 AM - 03:49 AM - Outlander 104

Playing tag while planning an escape route.


He drew the short stick.

Maybe you're barren.

Communion like. Son to father or knight to king. Ceremony thing. Pledging alligience or death thing.

But every person does this.

She spikes his drink and she runs off


Hunting wild pigs

Pigs attack back

He dies

She helps him calm down as he bleeds to death


No fouls

Like 1980's Detroit Pistons

Sleep. I remember getting banned on Facebook in my dream. Something about Hitler in another dream I think but I am not sure if I can write down my dream because it is too dissolved now. Too fragmented at this point. In other words, I begin to forget my dreams as I move on through the day.

Apples on oatmeal


Mark Dice

10:39 AM - Things Aren't Going According To Plan!


10:47 AM - 🔴 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Manchester, NH 2/10/20

Disme and not DISNEY. Check out the Disme coins. I thought it was Disney. No. It is Disme.

@Brucev7 does a secret company own Disney I wonder.

Joe Bye Done

Thug Goosh

11:05 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news! Invalid Cookies Infowars

Reviewing people I knew from FGHS, WOLBI, FG, VN, etc. Building an address book and am writing an autobiography.

Alex Jones.

Rugs. Dirt. Garden. Getting ready. Thought about buying a camcorder. The bus came at 05:14 PM instead of 04:40 PM. Maybe late and/or a new schedule like last Monday. I spend some time today researching camcorders around 3 PM. For two or so hours, before that, song sheets organizing. before that, dishes. Moved the tarps. Jesus is the super hero, He defeats death, 1 Corinthians 15:50's. A chart of heroes. Who would win? Batman or Dr. Strange? The majority voted for Strange. Game room. Brownies. Spaghetti. Ping pong. Pool. Lion Den guy. Nobody wants to play with me. I could have but he didn't want to I guess. But I was there. Oh. That city from Greece. Likes Spiderman. My name. I don't like it when Batman snaps photos. Oh. If public property. It should be not a problem. Let people record you. But if on your private land, you can tell them to leave if they do what you do not like, assuming no  contracts were violated. If it is a big deal, if you say so, if you want, you can tell the leader. Walmart. Two guys on the bus talked about like a bong. Like getting high and stuff. They walked by me towards Walmart. Hispanic mother and maybe her son at the bus stop. Some distance from that. They got off the same place. On the way to Walmart, saw like a horse in what in the field where they plan to build a YMCA near the middle school and high school. I ran or jogged and partly walked from Walmart and passed the bicyclist on the dirt trail and to the church. Good exercise but I don't do a lot of running and probably too much sitting. So, if you work out too much, that can damage and weaken your immune system but too little exercise might be even worse in most cases. So, find a balance. Can you do the flow? Oh, start it up. Sing it up. Practice. Ok. Same time. Upstairs. Maybe like tryouts. Not really but in my mind yes. Open mouth haha. Drive back in. Plans. Afternoon. On my list. Ok.

Best Heroes

18:59:19 PM

Who would win?

Nate took a poll.

We answered.

The most popular super heroes won.


My favorite is Batman on the assumption that his technology combined with his wisdom, his skills, his strength, and mostly his determination, could beat that of the Black Panther and the Iron Man. I would prefer that Batman beat Dr. Strange but Strange might be more powerful in general assuming Strange can do time travel or assuming he can come back to life after death.


Well, technically, Superman might be the most powerful one here.

Different Lists

You would probably need to make separate lists based to separate the different types of super heroes. You could make one list of Superman like heroes with super strength for example. Another list could be of normal people like Batman, Iron Man, Black Panther, etc. From the list of normal guys, I would vote for Batman. From the guys with powers, I would go with Superman first. Second, Strange maybe. Third, probably Wonder Woman.


The one who could beat them all is Jesus who defeated death itself according to 1 Corinthians 15.


08:07 PM - Full Speech: President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally in Manchester, NH 2/10/20

Trump: "And I had somebody behind me mumbling."

Trump was talking about Pelosi during the 2020 SOTU.

Pelosi ripped up the speech.

Lock her up.


Spaghetti. Corn. Fish. Corn on the cob.

Headache or almost headache today because cold morning. So, I took extra Magnesium 3 times today. Nap from 08:30 PM to 11:00 PM. I sometimes feel upset with my stomach. So, I took some extra digestion pills and also Vitamin C.

STD is an STD

11:39 PM - Steemit

Yes. Agreed. I've only seen a few episodes of Star Trek Discovery (STD) but I agree that STD is almost as bad as getting an STD or Aids. STD is misaligned from the main theme of Star Trek shows. Hollywood in general have been sold or like stolen by the Chinese government and others for so many years which is a main root to why STD and other shows are so rotten to the core. I've only seen some of the episodes of the original series with Kirk and Spock. I've seen all the episodes of Next Generation and Voyager. I like the Firefly television show.



2020-02-10 - Monday - 01:55 AM - 02:51 AM - Outlander 103

2020-02-10 - Monday - 02:52 AM - 03:49 AM - Outlander 104

Mark Dice

10:39 AM - Things Aren't Going According To Plan!


10:47 AM - 🔴 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Manchester, NH 2/10/20

Thug Goosh

11:05 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news! Invalid Cookies Infowars


08:07 PM - Full Speech: President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally in Manchester, NH 2/10/20

That Star Wars Girl


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