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1 month ago
Topics: life

Kobe Bryant was murdered? They create problems and then come with fake solutions. Will you promise that you'll try to keep yourself healthy as we enter.... A Smile a Day Keeps the Sad Away. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus is big. A global thing is being activated right now. But natural remedies. Hose put away. Sick. Impeachment. Iowa Trump Rally. Alex Jones. Suits. Deplorable Choir song.

Kobe Bryant Accident

02:35 AM - Steemit

It appears that the pilot got disorientated and dived into the mountains. Now, that seems to be the cover story or the actual story. CNN is saying it. Many news outlets are reporting on what happened. Some of it might be fake news or it may be as accurate as they can put it. Based on the majority of the videos and articles out there, this seems to be the official alibi. I'm not saying Kobe Bryant was murdered. But that doesn't mean he wasn't. But so far, it looks like an accident. All we know is that they crashed. I've been writing articles about this. I don't want to believe it was an accident. But if it was, then it appears to be pilot error. People are saying the pilot got like dizzy in the fog, in the clouds, perhaps. So, perhaps the helicopter didn't malfunction. Perhaps, no engine failure. Perhaps, no remote hacking. Perhaps, Kobe wasn't murdered. I say, perhaps. But it is important to keep in mind that there are different lessons we can learn.

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2020-01-30 - Thursday

My Day in Review

Rob Roy World

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020

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Kobe Fire

02:44 AM - Bear Shares

I want to investigate the origin of the fire.

Star Trek Picard

2020-01-30 - Thursday - 03:17 AM - 04:00 AM - Picard 102

They mock the robots on Mars.


One robot gets mad.

A true NPC Bot.

The android murders them.

Then commits suicide.

Time machine scanner. Able to spray something to see the past in a given area of space.

Picard goes to Star Fleet in San Francisco.

Young guy doesn't know him.

Admiral Picard.

Old lady must be the new admiral or whatever.

She calls Picard an old crazy guy.

She rejects his request to lead a mission to find bits and pieces of Data.

The robot sister is sleeping with a guy in a Borg ship.

Daj was Bourne Identity like created 3 years ago but had false memories like Dollhouse.

Borg extraction surgery.

Nameless is a name.

Picard says he has been mourning the death of Data for 2 decades.


Picard barely liked Data in STNG.



2020-01-30 - Thursday - 04:43 AM - 05:29 AM - Suits 814


Stabs Harvey in the back


The Deplorable Choir

11:17 AM - Impeachment of the Congress Song-Harper Valley PTA style

Invalid Cookies

11:26 AM - INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 01/30/20 w/ impeachment news in break

Quantitative Easing

Federal Reserve and others can lie and say it is not quantitative easing.

Mom Meme: Sky is flying impeachment democrat baby chics talking the Trump is falling or Trump did it instead of the sky is falling.

Kobe Airplane

12:16 PM - Steemit

People say it was his own helicopter. But you are right, they just say it. There are cell phone videos of what they say was his helicopter in the sky minutes before the crash. So, we would have to zoom in and look closely and confirm the locations with the timestamps. Also, we would need to examine the wreckage and cross examine photos of ground zero with that black chopper that Kobe is seen next to in some photos.

Fog does not knock the helicopter down. Now, it is possible that the pilot got disorientated and accidentally flew the helicopter down into the mountains. However, some people claim there was a fire as the helicopter was still in the air. So, there may be more to it than what we know.

@Rob_Roy, @Vitt, I think @Memeart is mentally challenged because I wrote down the family name, the series, for the kind of helicopter Kobe had, that it was from the Sikorsky S-70 military family. Meme Art replies and say that is the wrong helicopter. But it is not. It is not a helicopter. It is a series. It is a family of helicopters. I said that the Sikorsky S-76 is no more of the military S-70's series (family) than you are of your parents. Of course, you are not your mommy. You are not your daddy. But that doesn't mean you are not in that family. The helicopter is of a military family series. Yes, it was customized to be not military. Yeah, but it is of military origin. Also, it is a very good helicopter. It can handle fog. I wrote four articles about Kobe this week.

Meme Art is projecting. I never back peddled. I have been consistent. Meme Art is as bad as the democrats. That is why he refuses to show his face. Because people would mock him. Because he is a perpetual liar. I'm record saying what I say for a long time. I don't back peddle. But even if I did, it is only human. People back peddle. So, it is like breathing. So, Meme Art is trying to insult me with trying to accuse me of not knowing everything. Like, I am not allowed to change my mind. That is what the left does. They reflect, deflect. They change subjects. They find ways to distract. Kobe is a distraction. The crash may have been an accident and/or not an accident. I wrote four articles this week already about Kobe. It is a long story.

Doom Cock Oatmeal

12:35 PM - Free Square

@Vitt, Doom Cock mentioned me once in a live stream some months ago when he talked about oatmeal and he was having a bad day and I said I like oatmeal in the live comments on YouTube. My display name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Overlord DVD found what I wrote to be kind of funny but he wondered at first if I was just a troll who just created a new account right then or changed my name just to react to his ranting in the video.

Funding 2019 Novel Corona Virus

12:55 PM - Free Square

Look at the groups Bill Gates funds and then look at what they are doing. Many times, people like Gates, Soros, Rothschild, Clinton, Obama, Bush, etc, don't do things directly but instead indirectly via other organizations, groups, banks, etc, through different things. So, you have to follow the money and the routes. You have to have a flowchart to keep track of all of it. Not simple. Not direct. Long story. Very complex.

Corona Virus

01:00 PM - Free Square

Look at the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and look at who has the patent for this and look at who funded them. You will see Bill Gates at the end of the flowchart.

Meme Art Replied

Uhm, how about listening to the announcement by the WHO, the video link I posted last. The man says what right at the beginning? The “Gates-funded” virus that the patent is owned by Pirbright, is for “livestock”. They may also have one for avian, but the one that has been talked about is for livestock. Read my posts again.

My Response

But people ate the livestock and caught that virus.

The bats and snakes is more likely a cover story. Remember that the fake news lies about things.

Five G is a big problem.

Could it be Corona Virus and/or the 5G that is hurting and killing people in China?

There may have been several different steps to the development of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. So, the earlier steps may have included extracting viruses from bats for example. That does not mean that the other things did not follow after those initial steps in the process of tweaking a virus to modify it and make it more contagious and/or more deadly.

I need to write an article about this virus. I am probably spending too much time this week writing about Kobe. And then, the Internet Flowchart Thing.

There are at least three main versions of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. And they mutate as they spread from animal to animal.

But like the Borg, there is one Borg but different Borg ships.

Oh, seven. But they do root from one it seems to some extent.

Or this one may have a fork of at least three that might be a little different than SARS, etc.

Sick since like yesterday like I said yesterday I think. Dishes. Nap for an hour to 04:00 PM. Pills. 4 Vitamin C capsules instead of just 2 today. 6 Magnesiums instead of just 3 to get rid of my headache. Have been sneezing. Coughing. Sore throat since like the morning at least. But am getting better. Peppermint tea drink. Will wait at least 20 minutes, until like 05:00 PM, before eating more banana bread or more coffee or whatever.


04:37 PM - 🔴 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Des Moines, IA 1-30-20


06:37 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Thursday - 1/30/20

An auto-immune response can be when the body attacks itself and goes crazy if the immune system is trying to fight off germs and ends up going crazy.

Writing a post about the Corona Virus.

Sleep from 09:00 PM - 12:00 AM.

Star Wars Theory

03:10 AM - Plagueis Had 7 OTHER Sith Apprentices You Didn't Know About

Star Trek Picard

2020-01-30 - Thursday - 03:17 AM - 04:00 AM - Picard 102


2020-01-30 - Thursday - 04:43 AM - 05:28 AM - Suits 814

The Deplorable Choir

11:17 AM - Impeachment of the Congress Song-Harper Valley PTA style

Invalid Cookies

11:26 AM - INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 01/30/20 w/ impeachment news in break


04:37 PM - 🔴 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Des Moines, IA 1-30-20


06:37 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Thursday - 1/30/20

Lionel Nation

08:50 PM - Live Stream: Impeachment Is Done, Failed

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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Kobe Bryant Accident

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Topics: life
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