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Hello my friends. We are together again with very easy recipes for meals and snacks that you can make yourself at home without much money and time. Everyone who is doing their usual activities, I hope you are well and have a good day. Thank you to everyone who visited my previous post, what do you think, are you done? Let me know below this post. Today we are going to share a very easy recipe that you can make yourself at home. This cake is very popular in my region and is usually made for traditional formal occasions. Not many people in every city sell this cake in the market. So, for those of you who are interested in this recipe, take a look at the recipe below while it lasts.

The ingredients you need to prepare to make this recipe are absolutely very cheap and you can buy all the ingredients needed for this recipe at the nearest supermarket or market in your city. The first ingredients you need to prepare are rice flour, tapioca flour, instant coconut milk, sugar, salt, jackfruit, panda paste and vanilla. Now that you have prepared all the ingredients for this recipe, let's start with the first step.

The first step is to prepare the jackfruit flesh that you have cleaned and make sure that the jackfruit is of good quality. Next, chop the jackfruit into thin pieces like in the photo above.

Step two, after chopping the jackfruit, prepare a place, put 150 grams of tapioca flour, 50 grams of rice flour, 5 tablespoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt. Next, mix the dry ingredients with a spoon until well combined.

Step three, after the dry ingredients have been mixed until well combined, add 1 packet of instant coconut milk and 600 ml of mineral water. Then stir continuously until there are no flour lumps.

Step four, once the dough is free of flour lumps, separate some of the dough into a smaller bowl and add the pandan paste. Then stir until the second mixture changes color. Next, put all the jackfruit pieces into the first mixture and mix until the jackfruit is well incorporated.

Step five, once the two batters are done, prepare the cake molds according to the molds you have at home and then grease the inside of all the cake molds with oil so that the batter doesn't stick when you take it out.

Step six, once all the cake molds are greased, you need to place the first batter in the mold and leave some space for the second batter as in the photo above.

Step seven, after the first batter has been placed in the cake mold. Next, prepare a steamer and preheat it for 5 minutes. Once the steamer is hot, add all the cake molds and steam over medium heat for 15 minutes.

In the last step, after the first batter has been steamed for 15 minutes, put the second mixture into the mold. Then, steam the batter again over medium heat for less than 20 minutes.

And finally, you can serve the jackfruit pandan cake to your friends or buddies. This cake could be a promising business idea, because some of my friends sell cakes like this and of course this cake sells very well. Don't forget to give me and Ema advice and support to make us more enthusiastic about creating the next content. See you soon and good luck.

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