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How to Use: Science

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2 months ago

Through the advancements of the society that we live today, the technologies and the knowledge that we are using, continuously evolves in such a way that it affects greater aspects of our daily lives. Even if, we all started from scratch during the pre historic era, it is much more evident that the beauty of Science and Technology is very much more appreciated in today’s generation.

Science and Technology has always been a part of the society’s vital success. Indeed, innovations and inventions emerged because of the continuous sense of curiosity of the mind. And this sense of curiosity leads us to a society where we acknowledge the essentiality of every single thing that is of great help especially in combatting day-to-day problems.

      With this, machineries, gadgets and equipments are just mere examples of the application of the basic knowledge of science that relatively coincides together, in order to form something that provides ease and convenience to the people.

            Technically, the applications of science has already been appreciated in the Construction industry, where decades and centuries have passed; the knowledge about building an infrastructure evolves from time to time. New knowledge in relation to Sciences foster because of the thirst of excavating new inventions and researches with regards to the fortification of infrastructures.

            Furthermore, the main objective that a particular structure must hit, is to provide safety among its constituents and in that way we seek for designs that enables us to hit the target. One way of hitting the target is to compute for the durability of the building, including the outside forces, stresses, loads and alike that may seem to affect the structure and compromises the safety is also computed.

            Relatively, materials in construction also plays an important role in building a building, in fact; most of the structures fail because of poor construction materials. And in relation to this, Science infiltrates to the knowledge of determining the best properties and qualities of a certain material including the proper concentration of the materials where they are relatively stronger, such that all infrastructures withstand to a certain cause.

             On the other hand, machineries and equipments also play an immense role in the construction industry, because through these things, the time span of construction has been contracted. In such way, it could lessen the financial necessity for the workforce and the workforce itself—the man power that has been needed for construction will significantly decrease because of the convenience that the machineries and equipments have contributed.

            All of these things are just the basic principles of science being applied to the construction industry; there is still more knowledge to be discovered out there, our curiosity must only be athirst of getting them in order to really acquire them. In fact, these Sciences must be used significantly in order to provide convenience to the society and must not be used in vain.

            So How to use: Science? There is no distinct methodologies in getting the Science used right. But the purpose of using Science tells us so. Are we doing this for the betterment of all and if not, ask yourself How to Use: Science!

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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