A Walk to Remember

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Amazing! I shall return!

It’s beauty possessed great charm that magnetize me to return and appreciate life while still alive.

The sun was still sleeping that morning, and the cold breeze was like hugging me from behind.

I closed my eyes and feel the whispering of air. It was a perfect day to start my morning.

After doing my routines, I rode a motorcycle so that, I could feel the morning breeze, see the fog over the mountain and on the streets and have a sight-seeing as well and oh! The driver suddenly stopped. I looked at him and asked, “Is everything okay?” he hurriedly run towards the male restroom without answering me.

I felt bored waiting. I decided to walk a few kilometers away and cave underwater and a coarsely rocked formation caught my attention. A tourist guide approach me how he could help. He brought me to the unique rock formation that I’ve been staring almost a minute. It is surrounded with water were people busy leaping with a smile on their faces. Out of curiosity, I climbed the rock even though I was trembling. I am speechless. Everything was perfect up here.  The green mountain, the bluish sea take my breathe away. Tib-o Islet and Undersea water cave is incomparable.


I headed to resort after I enjoyed the pleasant destination in Tib-o. A strong swirling wind welcomed me. The whole vicinity was mind-blowing. The sound of the running water were like a music echoing on my ears.

I hopped onto water despite of its coldness. The warm temperature made me relaxed. I felt my connection with the nature. The green atmosphere was perfect and it added flavor to the place. Castañas Spring Resort in Balinsasayao and its beauty widen my smile.


I travelled again, towards a place I doesn’t have an idea. As it goes farther, the road became more creepy. I stretched my arms and take a deep breath.

As I entered the mouth of the echoing cave, my heartbeat becomes abnormal. I wanted to go back but I never had a chance. I was like entering a horror booth but I find it interesting and thrilling. I took pictures so that, the experienced of exploring a tunnel underground will always be part of me, the  Caves in Brgy. Balocawehay.

My journey haven’t ended yet same as my smile. I visited a well-known Hot Spring where I wanted to try all my life. All the pain inside faded after the spirit of spring entered within me. The warm temperature comforted me and I feel at ease that moment.

This place is perfect for a picnic spot. So attractive that it even hypnotized me. The perfect serenity can cover all the heartaches and all your bad experience will be forgotten. Cagbolo Hot Spring is the best place to know yourself more and to discover more about yourself.

Before going home, I headed to the house of Christ. I solemnly prayed and lightened candles asking for His guidance and blessings.

Peace of mind was experienced. I felt like I was totally cleaned. The cross-shaped design of St. Francis Xavier Parish Church  is truly a house of refuge.


As I was on my way to terminal, my stomach keeps on complaining and oh! a mouth-watering aroma entered my nostrils. I stopped on Sybada restaurant. Wow, my favourite dancing pairs of scissors on the sand, the crabs!

They also offered chocolate moron which brought me to cloud nine. The heart and the sweetness of the people in this place could be tasted in this delicacy.

When I was about to order another moron, somebody tapped my shoulder again and again, “Miss your fare please.” I opened my eyes and smiled. I already home.

Abuyog, Leyte really possessed a charm that will magnetized everyone to return.

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1 month ago
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