Killing rabbit for eating is not a tradition in the Philippines

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2 years ago

I am a rabbit raiser. I started to raise them when I'm 25. Rabbits for me are like my own babies. I didn't raise them to eat. I'm a Filipina and in my country, Philippines eating rabbits are not a tradition. There were Facebook pages I am joining wherein discussion of making rabbit as meat or for killing them to eat is a big argument. Members would eventually bash you if you dare talk about eating this animal. Sometimes, I read about a post of a man who sell his Rabbit meat to members and he was hated by most of the group. Personally, I don't want to kill my rabbits for food but there comes a time that I can't feed them all anymore. They are very fast to multiply. I make money by selling them as pet lr give them away as gift to my friends and relatives. One day, my father suggested to take 2 rabbits, killed and eat them. I know i don't have any choice but to agree because I have too many of them already and I get a problem of insufficient cages. My father ask a friend of him to kill the rabbits and cooked it. They make an ADOBO rabbit (a Filipino style delicacy). I was curious too. I want to taste them unfortunately as much as I want to know how it tastes, I can't eat them. Yes tried! I swear! But when I try to put the meat in my mouth, I don't know but I just cant eat them. Maybe because it too unusual and it's not part of the tradition, I felt like I will be eating a CAT which is also the weirdest and unacceptable thing I would ever do. I don't criticized people who eat rabbits, I respect them. Maybe its taste good and healthy. I just can't eat my babies.

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