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The jerseys of major European Football teams feature Cryptocurrencies?

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7 months ago

I follow many analysts on the internet who compare the previous bitcoin cycles and try to relate them to the current cycle. I'm sorry but I really could not understand what the previous cycles have in common with the current cycle. They are all waiting for the cycle to end and to be able to sell before the descent of cryptocurrencies finds them.
I may be wrong but I honestly experience and feel a very different atmosphere this time.

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming our new financial system that is poised to break into everyone's lives. It's possible that we'll have another bear market like May again, but nothing worse.

In watching the Lazio vs Inter match yesterday, I noticed, in a zoom of the director, that the Lazio shirts were sponsored by Binance, while Inter had their own token, $Inter, from the app.

Considering this alone tells us a lot about how this cycle is quite different from any previous one. There is only a matter of time until the big teams with millions of fans get their fans involved by promoting their tokens on their shirts.

Searching the internet for more information:

We are very satisfied with this new international collaboration. The partnership with Binance will allow us to extend our digital presence and connect with fans and followers from all over the world like never before.” said Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

Italian soccer club Lazio has ended their search for a new main shirt sponsor after striking a deal with cryptocurrency exchange company Binance. The Serie A outfit confirmed the agreement would last for two years, with the option of a third year, and is worth over €30 million (US$34.8 million). became the primary shirt sponsor of Inter this season, ending the historic partnership that Inter had with Pirelli. The new deal means that Inter will make far more money from sponsorship deals this season than they ever have before.

That's all I wanted to say about tonight. Yesterday's match attracted thousands of people who saw sponsors regarding cryptocurrencies on the shirts of all 22 players.
The conclusion is yours to make.
Thanks for your time.
See you.


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7 months ago
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