Who are successful people?

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The man entered the restaurant. He was tired from the day's work. Taking the bag off his shoulder, he sat on the chair, loosened his tie, filled a glass of water and then asked the waiter to bring the food. He waited like this in the restaurant. Suddenly his eyes fell on the glass wall in front where two eyes were staring inside the restaurant. The man ignored it at first but after a while he looked again and he clearly felt that there was hunger in those eyes. He came out and signaled to the boy standing by the wall of the restaurant to come in. On the left side of the boy was a girl who was holding her brother's hand. They both came to the man's table. 

Those whose hearts are generous, they gather the achievements of religion and world Goodness begets good, when a person does good, other people feel this thing, this act awakens the feeling of goodness in them too.

He smiled and asked them both to sit down and then ordered the waiter to bring more food. The food arrived and the boy silently held his sister's hand and went to the washroom to wash his hands and came back. asked to eat but he was still hesitating. He quickly finished his food and got up. The boy thanked the man and then they both continued to walk from there. The man liked the children's polite behavior. At the same time, he felt great peace about his goodness, he started thanking God in his heart that he saved two people. Allowed him to help. After finishing his food, he went to pay the bill at the counter, but he was surprised to see that zero was written in the money box. We also have a heart in our chest. You took care of children's hunger. This action of yours forced us to do something good and Rahm decided that this bill is a gift from us to you. Sir! Keep up the good deeds, so that this series will continue like this.''The man walked out looking at the restaurant manager with grateful eyes.
Humanity's relationship is based on love and feeling. This is the rope that binds all human beings together. If feeling is removed from the body of humanity, it will die and after a few days the streets will start to stink. If the spirit of compassion and goodness is lost from such a society, then such a stench of indifference, selfishness and greed is created that it becomes difficult for human beings to live in this stinking environment and because of their greed, they will end each other very soon. Doing good. Goodness begets good. When a person does good, other people feel it. This act also awakens the feeling of good within them. Good deeds are done by the hands of these people and thus a chain is started which has a great impact on the whole environment.
Robert Engersel says: "A man rises when he begins to lift other men." "The best people in this universe full of human beings are actually those who hold the hands of others, lift them up and share their blessings with them. The actions of such kind people reach the souls of people and heal their wounded hearts. If these people are not there, the spirit of humanity will die, the spirit of goodness will fade, the spirit of compassion, understanding and tolerance will disappear and then the beauty of the universe and the beauty of nature will also start to rust. .
According to a research, there are three types of people in the world: The first type is those who share with others and include them in their blessings. The second type of people are those who only think of taking from others. Kind people are those who benefit others when it benefits them.
Sharing people are those who continue to benefit the people associated with them in one way or another. They always think of how they can benefit someone else. They don't consider success only as their success, but also give credit to those who were with them in this success and who contributed in one way or another. It was important, that even the people who criticized them were included in this success. They also considered their opponents, leg-pullers and propagandists as blessings for them. These people think that the opposition is a sign of You may be flying and heading in a certain direction. These people also think that the criticism you receive is a sign that you are doing well and moving forward in life.
Greedy and profit-minded people are those who think of taking instead of giving. They are always trying to find a way to gain me, even if it means losing someone. In simple words, greedy. And there are ungrateful people. They can harm anyone for their benefit. They slaughter a whole goat to get a piece. They do not consider any moral and religious principle. They think that I have How can I use this person who has come for my purpose? If they see any benefit in any place, then they start praising this person and when the benefit ends, they also end the relationship with him. This is kindness in the true sense. They are forgetful. If you do something good to them, they will definitely take advantage of it, but they will forget it very soon.
The third type of people are matter-of-fact. They benefit others but also see their own benefit in it. They do not harm anyone but do not benefit others without their own benefit. There are those who see their benefit and benefit others. However, these people cannot achieve any great success in life.
Research has shown that the most successful, contented and peaceful people are those who give to others. These people have the greatest impact on humanity. These people create an "ecosystem" through their actions. and this system has an effect on the entire environment, society and country. An easy example to understand an "ecosystem" is water. Water is present in large quantities in the ocean. It is heated by the sun, which turns the water into vapor and begins to rise to the sky. There it is transferred to the clouds. It happens. The clouds start traveling and fall on the mountains in the form of snow. The mountains are covered with this snow. After some time, when the heat of the sun falls on this snow, it starts melting and water falls from the mountain. It begins to descend.

From this water, waterfalls, waterfalls, rivers and canals are formed and start coming towards the lowlands and while irrigating the plains, this water flows back into the ocean. From there it evaporates, then clouds, snow and water. All kinds of creatures benefit from this system. Animals, birds and humans use this water. It also creates floods that destroy the settlements. This is how life begins. When this water plants grow. If it is cold, life comes into them. Spring comes in dry gardens. A drop of the same water goes into the mouth of an oyster and becomes a pearl, while it goes into the mouth of a snake and becomes poison.
Another example of ecosystem is Butterfly Effect. According to research, when a butterfly flaps its wings, this process also affects the universe. The wave created by the flapping of wings affects the weather somewhere and causes environmental change.
People who give to others actually activate this "ecosystem" of nature. In such a way that when they do good to someone, that action affects the whole society. Goodness begins to be felt in a tangible way. The person who is treated with good deeds clears off the debt and helps another person. That person comes in handy for another person and thus a wonderful system of feeling, compassion and benevolence is created. It comes. As it goes on, this goodness comes back to the first person.
The calculator of the world does not accept this thing. From the external eye, we feel that the wealth has decreased, but it is not so. By sharing with others, the heart of a person becomes soft. It expands within him. He thinks big. He at a time. He can see many angles of things. His critical mind becomes faster. He can examine things in the best way. New ideas are born in his mind. Sharing is actually the name of trusting in our Lord. I believe in my Lord that if I am giving something to someone, then my Lord will give me more. The challenges and difficulties of life do not mean anything to a person who shares. He handles them all in a very good way.
Sharing people are very quick to recognize hidden talents in others. They value this talent and contribute to their own success. This is why everyone they associate with succeeds. These people are good at building relationships. They are experts and people are happy to meet them. They take the initiative to apologize and greet with a smile. They openly admit their mistakes. They inspire others with their actions and thoughts. People consider the relationship with them as an excellent reference. Due to these qualities, opportunities start to arise in their life and that is why they come out ahead.

People who think only of themselves, become rigid. Their speech becomes withdrawn, which causes people to leave them. They do not help others because then they will be ahead of them. The strong do not do it because then they will become a threat to them. Due to this thinking, these people suffer from severe insecurity. Their self-esteem becomes weak. They are unconsciously in the atmosphere of competition. There is intense jealousy. Their journey is not long. They are forced to change their place again and again. They understand the truth and their downfall begins with this thought. The accumulated wealth of such people is not of use to them, but their incompetent children squander this wealth.
A generous person's hand is open, due to which his heart also expands. When the heart becomes large, then the light of God's mercy and faith settles in it, and such a person achieves success in religion and world.

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