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What mothers of children should eat to take care of their health

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Nature has placed in the mother's milk the basic nutrients that are necessary for the mental and physical development of the baby, since the mother's diet affects the health of the baby in the form of milk, so Throughout the day, small amounts of healthy food should be eaten which will not only increase breast milk but also restore its health.

These foods include the first green leafy vegetables. Most breastfeeding mothers suffer from anemia. For them green leafy vegetables including spinach, mustard, dill leaves and fenugreek, soy etc. Spinach contains ingredients that also protect against breast cancer.
Mothers of newborns should use peaches as much as possible. Vitamin A in it enhances the properties of breast milk. It is better to take peaches cooked in milk in the form of soup or juice.
After the birth of a child, most mothers suffer from anxiety, nervousness and stress. For such women, the use of poppy seeds is useful. A small amount of poppy seeds can be eaten once a day. In addition, poppy seeds can be used in porridge and kheer.
For breastfeeding mothers, it is better to use brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice is useful in balancing the hormones of breastfeeding mothers, increasing appetite and restoring instant energy.
Cumin is also the best food for women whose babies are still young because consuming the right amount of cumin increases breast milk. It not only helps in melting excess fat but also relieves constipation and heartburn. In addition, fennel is good for breastfeeding mothers in every way. It not only increases breast milk but also relieves abdominal pain in the baby. Fennel can be boiled in milk and drunk or chewed after eating.

All over the world, fenugreek and fenugreek seeds are considered to be the food that enhances breast milk. Fenugreek contains Vitamin B, Iron, Beto Carotene and Omega 3. Fenugreek can be used in the form of fenugreek seed tea, fenugreek seed porridge, fenugreek greens and fenugreek pratha. In addition, the mother should not diet from birth to the age of breastfeeding, but some experts even say that these mothers should use ghee and dairy products without hesitation. They should eat the best and healthiest food without worrying about increasing calories, but at the same time there is nothing wrong with light exercise. Breastfeeding mothers should not stay on an empty stomach for long. They should eat well-washed and peeled vegetables and fruits such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes and peaches. Caffeine for breastfeeding mothers, for example! Excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cold drinks can be harmful. If the baby has any kind of allergy or infection then the mother should be careful not to eat spicy things, drink cold water, cold rice and chocolate etc. Raw mangoes, lentils, potatoes and raw bananas produce gas in the baby's stomach, so breastfeeding mothers should avoid them.

The Five Gifts
of Nature There are many precious gems in nature's treasures that are extremely effective in protecting beauty. Let us introduce some of them to you.
Basil: Basil is a bactericidal herb, its use on the face protects against acne and pimples, improves blood circulation and brightens the face. Boil a few basil leaves in water for 15 minutes and then cool and refrigerate. Apply it on your face twice a day with the help of cotton, repeating this process a few times will make the face clear and transparent. Clean and crush a few basil leaves. Squeeze out the juice by squeezing it with your hands and then apply it on the juice grains with the help of cotton.
Semi: Semi-facial with numerous benefits is also best in every way. Helps to remove semi-facial blemishes and pimples. Grind a few dry leaves of neem to form a powder, then mix rose water or water in it and apply it on the face and after a few minutes wash it off with cold water. It is beneficial for the elimination of all kinds of nail pimples. In addition, apply neem oil on the face daily at night and wash your face with cold water in the morning, then using it for a few days will bring positive results.
Green coriander: Green coriander also specializes in cleaning blackheads with grains. Grind a few coriander leaves lightly and apply its juice on your face, a few drops of lemon can also be added. This is an elixir for mixers. If you want, boil the coriander and when it cools down, grind it and apply it on your face. After ten to fifteen minutes, wash your face with cold water.
Green Tea: Daily consumption of green tea not only protects against various diseases but also has beneficial effects on the skin. Also, apply used green tea bags on the face after cooling and massage the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes, it will brighten the face.
Baking soda: Soda used for baking is amazingly useful for the skin. When applied as a mask on the skin, it not only protects against wrinkles but also makes the skin look radiant and radiant. It can also be used for cleansing. Old scars and blemishes on the face are also removed by applying it. To do this, dissolve three teaspoons of baking soda in a little water and apply it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash off. After a few days of use, amazing results will come out.

What does a small house look like?

The fact is that we sometimes get bored with our own house, that is why we say that the house also wants makeover. Under the guise of home we also find our joys, pleasures and interests and why not! Home is our shelter. Here we can experience all our creativity, different impressions and styles. That is why the house is called the reflection of the personality of the occupants.
Give the walls an attractive color
; the color of the furniture and the wall should not be the same, but if it is contradictory, it is better to have the same color, then the room will be suppressed.
* If your main seating area and the sun do not pass through it, you will need a maximum of one lamp.
* If the sun shines more in your room, then it would be better to keep the color of the wall dark and dim instead of dim. Or you can put a wall as a focal point and put Maroon or Navy Blue.
* Wall colors can be combined with maroon, blue, purple, pink, light purple and turquoise, as well as light green. Light colors give a sense of openness and these colors make the room look more attractive and bright, but the trend of painting all the walls in one color is gone now. It is better if the main wall color is milky.
* Does the sun shine through the curtains in your room? Sunshine is a blessing, one should learn to benefit from it more than taking measures to prevent it.
Some ways to decorate the floor
If you have medium size furniture in dark colors, it is better to have a dull color of the floor. You can lay a multicolored vein on the floor.
If the colors of the walls are bright then take a light color of the vein or carpet such as light brown, milky and gray and if you prefer wood flooring then the trend of making wooden vinyl flooring is increasing.

Hygiene: The treatment of depression is
a relief in order and discipline according to scientific research. According to Dr. Dorby, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, women who have a lot of stuff in their homes are more likely to suffer from depression. That is, when women feel that their home is getting messy and dirty, their levels of a hormone called cortisol increase, which is related to stress or depression.
One woman said during the study: "Last year my depression didn't go away, and I couldn't even manage my small apartment in New York. I'm not a lazy woman, but it was a test for me to search my closet and re-set my clothes in it. I picked up most of the clothes and threw them out and kept only the clothes I needed to wear. Then I realized that my depression had subsided considerably. ” While trying to find a girl who was suffering from depression after the end of marriage, she preferred cleanliness instead of spending money on expensive treatments and was quite successful in getting rid of depression.

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Motherhood can be a bit challenge I remember when my mother gave birth to me, no milk in her breast, I have to start eating baby food, I didn't sock breast, this made to sock my finger for 21 years🤦 Thank God I have stop

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