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The world's first vaccine ! A disease has devastated the world

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2 months ago
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About 3,000 years ago, a very terrible disease wreaked havoc in the world. It

was a virus and it was so deadly that if a person was infected with it, the

chances of death increased to 30%. People infected with this virus. One in

three people died and those who survived were left with permanent scars.

Most people lost their sight and some had disfigured faces. When this disease

spread in Japan in 1735, one-third of the population of Japan died from this

dangerous virus. In the fifteenth century, people from Great Britain and

Europe arrived in Mexico and America. The virus reached there with them and

90% of the population there fell victim to the disease, killing millions .

In the 18th century, every seventh child born in Russia died from this disease.

The horror of this virus can be estimated from the fact that it continued to

prey on many civilizations and empires for centuries. According to an

estimate, it About 50 lakh people died worldwide every year from the virus,

that is, about 500 million deaths were caused by this one disease in a hundred


In history, this disease was known by many names, sometimes it was known

as Speckled Monster, Red Plague and sometimes Pox, but it is commonly

known as Small Pox.

Small pox was caused by a virus called "variola". It was an orthopox virus.

Monkey pox and cow pox are also orthopox viruses. Small pox was easily

transmitted from one person to another. Among the symptoms, the affected

person complained of high fever, cough, severe pain in the back and head,

allergies and fatigue. The patient used to die within 15 days of high fever. The

mortality rate of this virus was 30% while the mortality rate of the recent

corona virus is 1%. This virus also attacks children more quickly like any other


No one knows where this disease started and when it appeared for the first

time. According to a conservative estimate, the disease was first transmitted

from animals to humans when the human race first started farming and

obtaining food through animals.

Despite the passage of thousands of years and revolutionary advances in

medical science, there is still no authentic cure for this disease. Fortunately,

some experts understood the immune system even in this era and observed

that Once a person is infected with this disease. he recovers and it does not

attack him again. Based on this observation, they conducted an experiment in

which experts injected a small amount of this virus into the body of a healthy

person, which did not make him sick, but his body was naturally protected

from the virus. done and his immune system immediately protected the body

from the attack of the smallpox virus. This method was called inoculation.

This method was used in China during the eleventh century. Starting from

China, this method of treatment spread to the Ottoman Empire and from

there to other countries in Europe. While this method of treatment was

proving to be effective, there were also some concerns. The person in which

the virus was injected was not guaranteed to survive. For this reason, one to

two percent of people died during the inoculation. Another problem was that

the people who adopted this method of treatment were There were

permanent scars on his face.

During this period of destruction, a very strange thing was seen in a village

called Gloucestershire in Great Britain. This disease caused havoc all over the

world, but the residents here did not suffer from this disease. It was a big

puzzle for the experts of that time, why the people of this area were not

affected by this disease? After all, their bodies What was it that protected

them from this dangerous disease?

In 1795, Dr. Edward Jenner researched it. Accordingly, people living in this

village who suffer from cow pox do not get small pox. Cowpox was also a virus

but not as deadly as smallpox. In 1796. a woman came to Dr. Jenner for

treatment of cowpox. Dr. Jenner removed the infected material from the

woman's body and preserved it and tested it on his friend's eight-year-old

son, James. James developed a fever for a few days but recovered within a few

days. After James recovered, Dr. Jenner injected the smallpox virus into his

body and surprisingly, the virus had no effect on James. happened James had

developed an immune system that acted as a shield against small pox. This is

where vaccines started in the world and experts started seeing and

understanding diseases in a different way. Dr. Jenner is known as the inventor

of the world's first vaccine

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Written by   17
2 months ago
Topics: Truth, Reality, Cure, Family, World, ...
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Vaccine have already exist a very long time ago, just like the virus before it really affects the life of everyone, which somehow also happened to us with pandemic time.

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2 months ago

How nice that we do not live in the last century and progress does not stand still. Any disease is dangerous and it is better to be vaccinated if you are not allergic, it will help keep you healthy.

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2 months ago

I couldn't imagine those people living those years and experience with the killer virus my friend. I couldn't imagine it. It's really painful those people who lose their lives because of the scary virus.

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2 months ago

In his book Anderson suggests that in the last hundred years of its existence smallpox killed “at least half a billion people.” 500 million deaths over a century means 5 million annual deaths on average

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2 months ago

It's very shocking. A lot of million people's lives were lose my friend. A really heartbreaking. 🥺

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2 months ago