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The world salutes skill

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When the famous sculptor Michael Angelo was busy with his work, he would
be unaware of everything, he would be indifferent to hunger and thirst, he would
not worry about clothes, nor would he be aware of heat and cold. The person who stands out from the crowd and shows something unique is called successful or expert Instead of doing many things, a person should take up one task and work hard at it so that he becomes the knight of that field. The Statue of David is a 17 feet high marble statue. It weighs around six tons and the amazing thing is that it is made from a single block of marble. The story of its creation is very interesting and one point in it There is also the matter. In 1464, a church in Florence (Italy) wanted to prepare a statue that was to be installed as a monument. For this purpose, the administration assigned this responsibility to Augustino Ducci, an expert sculptor of his time. , began work, but after a few days he refused to do any more work. After Augustino, no expert was found, and so the marble mold lay there for ten years. Fortunately, he found another sculptor. Ontino got it, he started working but soon he also gave up saying that this marble is not of good quality. It will break soon after it is made.

After Ontino, no one else attempted to fulfill this enormous responsibility, and for the next 26 years the marble awaited an expert. It was attached. The management got in touch with him and an agreement was reached between the two to make the statue. The young man was engaged in his work. He neither saw day nor night, he was always busy with his work. After three years of hard work, his hard work finally paid off and the statue was ready. The management was informed, the team came and when they saw the sculpture, they were also for a while seeing the sophistication, craftsmanship and skill. Statues were made. He was amazed that this young man had done such a perfect job as if he had breathed life into the stone. He was immediately approved and when he was installed on the appointed day, the whole world came to see him and he was applauded from all sides. Started meeting.
The name of this young man was Michael Angelo, one of the most skilled sculptors of his time, whose skill is recognized by the world even today. When Michael Angelo was busy with his work, he would be unaware of everything. He would be indifferent to hunger and thirst, he would not worry about clothes, nor would he be aware of heat and cold. He sleeps so that he can start working again as soon as he wakes up. Once he finished his sculpture and started to take off his shoes, they were not coming off his feet, they were stuck to his feet due to wearing them for so many days.
Expertise is not an average or balanced life, but an extraordinary life. Any person who stands out from the crowd and shows something unique is called successful or expert. A person cannot be successful by doing everything. Rather, one has to put all one's energy on a specific task. The result is great and when a person achieves one success, he gets the confidence in the gift, thanks to which he moves towards another success. Understand that in order to achieve great success, you must have some previous success. No success comes to a person suddenly, only one path is needed to reach this destination and that is hard work.
This formula is called The One Thing Formula, which means that instead of doing many things, a person should grasp one thing and work so hard at it that he becomes the hero of this field. Actually, we do many things. People carry the desire to do things in their hearts and when the whole life is over, then a person realizes that he has done many things, but he is not skilled in any of them. On the contrary, if a person acquires skills even in making tea. So he can do big business in the city.
Concentrate on a single thing
In today's modern era, countless doors leading to the world are open before you. In each door, there are many pleasant scenes to inspire you. Man wants to move towards them but he cannot decide where to start. Whenever we look at the lives of great people, one thing becomes clear that they had the only thing (The One Thing) and the only strategy, thanks to which they became successful.
When a person knows his only thing, then it becomes easier to prioritize it and give priority to other tasks. I achieve more success. The reason is that they set their priorities and focus all their energies on achieving one thing. Focusing on one thing means that a person ignores all the other things. Let go of the unimportant and choose the things that must be done. Most people think that it takes a lot of time, effort and effort to be successful, but if the daily tasks are organized, then the effort is much less. There is no need.

A person has plenty of time and energy, but when he concentrates on many tasks, leaving only one thing, then he divides his attention and thus cannot do any task efficiently. A single-minded person begins to see the world differently. Focused attention leads you to better decision-making. When a person focuses on his single task, he also has knowledge of future priorities. It happens. An intellectual says that "it is very important to have only one goal for success."
The Power of Dice
Gary Keller, author of The One Thing, gives an example of this in his book: In 2011, a French physician created eight ply wood cubes, each 50 times larger than the previous one. The first measured just two inches and the last three feet long. They were placed in a line and experimentally the dropping of the dice was initiated by a slight movement. The first dice fell on the second, the second dropped the third, then the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and finally the process ended with a loud bang. The explosion happened.
This experiment proved that objects of one size, if given a small amount of force, can knock down an object of larger size. The second object, the third, the third, the fourth, and so on. No matter how big it is, it will definitely fall. A person does not get great success suddenly, but gradually. If the direction of a work is right and it is done with consistency, then great success is definitely achieved. One success attracts more success, but there is a secret to success. That one thing should be given full attention.
Some misunderstandings, which lead people astray
It is certain that success comes to those who focus on one task, but when a common man starts his journey of success, many thoughts come to his mind which distract him from his path. I remember that everything in my life deserves equal attention, although each task has its own place and status, now it is up to man to decide which of them is important and which is not. I happen.
Another idea is that one should do many things at the same time so that success can be achieved as soon as possible. This is also a wrong idea. Doing two or more things at the same time means not doing any work at all. The result is tension. The third idea is that the longer my to-do list is, the more successful I will be. This is also a misconception. A person is successful not by quantity but by quality. So try to make your list shorter and shorter. Of course, if you do ten things in a normal way, but if you do one thing in the best way instead, that's amazing.
An idea about discipline also misleads a person that unless there is a new organized plan, one should not take a new step, this idea is also not correct. Even if you stay in an old routine and start a new one, the results will be the best. If they do, they will do such and such work. The question is, is there a guarantee that a person will be alive until the minute he retires?
Time waits for no one. So start today by taking everything to the extreme and enjoy all kinds of experiences.
Success according to your thinking
Remember that big thinking is necessary for great results. Always think high. You will get success as much as you think. Believe that hard work is a condition for success, but your hard work. The basis will also be on your thinking. This thinking will give spirit to your action and accordingly you will get results. Keep in mind that the basis of success is not the work that a person does throughout the day, but success only. There are a few things we do best.
Will Rogers says: "Even if you are on the right track and just sit still, you will never move forward." To move forward, movement is necessary, but in the same direction, in the same thing and with the same thought. Go ahead! Find your one thing, work hard to polish it and make it your strength. Don't care what's trending in the world. There will be a fair and then the world will also salute your skill.

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Written by   17
2 months ago
Topics: Truth, Reading, Facts, Inspiration, Story, ...
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