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The 4 smartest student

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3 months ago

Today we are going to tell you something about the 4 most intelligent

students. These are the children who entered the practical life at the age of

12,13 years.

1: The youngest engineer, Jeremy Schuller

Jeremy Shuler Jeremy Shuler started studying English and Korean at the age of

2. Read some important books at age 5. At age 6, when the average child is in

middle school, they have a calculus book in their hands. At the age of6 years

He was the youngest student to receive higher education in mathematics at

an Ivy League school .Jeremy gave expert answers in math and science

subjects at the age of 1 0. His intelligence was unmatched, he was capable of

outshining any student. It was pointless for him to enter the children's garden

now. He looked very strange among his peers, he could not mix with them. His

IQ was very different from that of normal children. He was not as noisy as

other children and had many habits that were very different from other

children, but he was very happy at the camp in Meath. He was looking for kids

like him interested in juriazi. So he was admitted in a class older than his age.

Where students twice his age and where he also enjoys his class and his

friends who are much older than him. He was the youngest student of the

degree course. Cornell Engineering University is one of the best educational

institutions in the world. Where this 12-year-old child raised the flags of his

success. He was also fond of books written in English. According to university

officials, his mind works as fast as Einstein. Despite all his education ,jeremy is

still a child. At home, his mischief is just like a child's. worked very hard.

Getting degrees is not an easy task. Even if you do it quickly, it takes 18 years.

But there are smart kids in the world who break records at a young age.

2 :Professor Alia Sabur

Born in New York on February 22,1989,Alia Sabur entered Stony Brook

University at the age of 1 0. At the age of 1 0, she was studying in Grade 4. She

was removed from the fourth grade at a young age. He was admitted to Stony

Brook University. Applied Mathematics is his favorite subject. After a degree

in mathematics and a PhD in materials science, she is also a university

professor. According to Guinness Book of World Records, she is the youngest

professor in the world and is lecturing to students much older than her. A

thinker as well as a researcher. she has won several awards from NASA. His

mother julie Sabur is a news reporter, who married Muhammad Sabur of

Pakistani origin in 1980.

3: 1O year-old Grego et Michael K. Kearney

Michael K. Kearney (Michael K. Kearney) is one of the intelligent children, he

started to show intelligence at the age of4. Born onjanuary18, 1984, Michael

won many awards. Lecturer at an early age. In addition to becoming a

teacher, he also started teaching. And he set a record by winning 1 million

dollars in a game show. He had a disability which is called "ADHD" in medical

language. Skills come to the fore. Doctors told him that he could clear the

college exam in just a few years. So he graduated at an early age and was

admitted to Santa Rosa junior College. Where he earned a degree in geology

at the age of8 and by the time he reached the age of 1 0, he had earned a

bachelor's degree. Thus, he is the youngest graduate student in the world.

Then he chose biochemistry for his degree and was successful in getting the


4: Young Author Moshe Kai Cavalin

year-old Moshe Kai Cavalin (Moshe Kai Cavalin) is interested in-17

astrophysics. He entered East Last College at the age of8 and graduated in

2009. His grades were impressive, he passed with a 4 GPA. By the age of11, he

had earned two degrees from the S.E.U. Wrote 'We Can do', he taught people

that we can do everything.

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Written by   17
3 months ago
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Wow! They are all genius my friend. I admired a lot those people who are smart. They give me an inspirations and motivations.

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3 months ago