Save your self from ego

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A person who believes that if it were not for me, I do not know
how much loss this world would have suffered, he is always restless, restless and
suffering from psychological diseases.

People who show humility have more peace, contentment, growth and happiness in their lives An egoistic person loses the ability to think and understand because he does not listen to others, he thinks that I am the only one.

He was a sculptor of wrath. The skill of his fingers fluttered and when he kneaded the clay and shaped it into a statue, people would be stunned to see his cleanliness and beauty. Gradually his fame spread throughout the region. His work began to increase and so did his wealth. Fame is like that, once someone gets addicted to it, then his life can be saved only in the form of death. The sculptor felt that no one in his area, even in the whole country, has the same skill as him. It continued to pass and he acquired a lot of wealth and fame. One day after reaching his age, he thought of death and started crying. no! No! It can't be, I'll be here forever, I have enough skill to survive death.” And then he started working on the project. He made ten masterpieces of his likeness. Between the sculptor and the sculptor. There was only one difference. He was gasping for breath and the statues were lifeless. One day the angel of death knocked on his door, he ran to his private room and stood among the statues so as not to be recognized.

The angel came to his room and there stood many likenesses of the sculptor. Ferishta understood his cleverness, Pharas also played a trick. He said: "What a wonderful skill you have in your hands." You have no answer, but you have made a big mistake in this second sculpture." The sculptor was standing breathless, as soon as he heard the criticism of his work, his nerves tensed, he came out and said: No, it can't be, I am the greatest sculptor of this age. There can be no fault in my work." When he saw the angel, he was laughing. The sculptor understood that his trick had gone wrong. Angel. He said: "Your breath is over, Chalawab, it's time for you to go.
" Destroys it.

If you try to understand human psychology, you will see two types of people. One type is people with ego and other type of people are those who have organized their ego. I observed that all those people. Those who have controlled their ego, who show humility and accept any situation, have more peace, satisfaction and happiness in their life. These people develop quickly. Their relationships are also more and more. are mature and are never alone in life. On the contrary, every person who is full of ego, who does not allow a fly to sit on his nose, and who considers himself to be a fool, who thinks that everyone else is wrong except himself, and thinks that if it were not for me, I would not be there. How much loss this world would have caused, such people have always been seen restless, restless and suffering from psychological diseases.
What is Ego? Ego is actually the name of a concept about oneself which is based on misconception. Every ego person thinks that "
the position I have is the most powerful position in the world", or "I have the most powerful position in the world". The existing knowledge, no one has, "or the ability and experience that I have is invaluable." However, this is not the case. If a person thinks that I am the only and unique person in this world, then it is It has its own intellectual weakness. It is such a common and dangerous addiction that can arise in the heart of a person sitting on the post of an IG and even in a common constable. If you ever go to the secretariat and work with an officer outside his office A sitting peon who has neither much education nor family status, yet he is so full of ego that he gives the impression to others that I am the secretary, because no one can reach the secretary without my permission.
Ego arises in man because he suffers from narrow-mindedness. Consider that Allah has created this whole universe, which contains countless galaxies. Among these galaxies is our solar system, which has one sun and many planets. I am a planet earth. It has seven billion people and more than one hundred and fifty countries. One of them is called Pakistan, which has
countless cities and an ordinary person living in them. You are from the whole universe to this ordinary person. If you take a look at the journey of man, you will know how limited the knowledge, thinking and experience of a common man is. The created cannot encompass this universe, then on what basis does he consider himself better and superior than others and is selfish!!
Remember that selfishness is something that cannot be completely eradicated, but it can be managed. If you look at the members of religion, their purpose is to eliminate the selfishness of man. are, prostrating, placing their foreheads on the ground in Sajdah and the forehead is the place where the part of the human mind is based on which he makes decisions in his life. It is a symbol. When a person dusts such precious things, then what ego, where is the arrogance in him? You take Hajj. In Hajj, a person only wears two veils. Then he performs Tawaf seven times and then shaves his head. When one If a person abandons his favorite clothes, when he shaves his hair, which is a sign of beauty, when he walks seven times around the house of this Lord Dhul-Jalal, then how can ego come into him, pride in him? Wherecan come from
Yes ! A person who is a worshiper but still arrogant and egoistic, then this is a big question mark on his worship. He should consider his behavior. An "egoist" despises others. Therefore, if he forces others to bow before him, then he cannot make a place in the hearts of human beings. An egoistic person loses the ability to think and understand. Because he does not listen to others, he thinks that I am the wisest. Now if you think about it, man and animals. The only difference between them is thinking and understanding, and if this ability of a person ends, then how will that person be!!
An egoistic person does not see his own faults because he cannot bear criticism. He considers criticism as an attack on himself. As a result, his weaknesses become entrenched, he stumbles again and again and after many years remains where he was. He left. An egoistic person always has critical thinking. He does not encourage others or use words of praise for them. Because he considers himself superior and perfect, and in his eyes, the actions of all other human beings are full of defects. That is why he does not recognize the merits of any human being and singles out flaws in them. An egoistic person is in the worst state of arrogance. He has a very long nose and when he climbs the ladder of success, he K's nose gets stuck in the rung of the ladder due to which he cannot climb forward.

Which clearly means that he cannot progress in life. Due to all these habits people stay away from him. They do not open and thus he remains alone even in a busy life. Research has proved that such a person suffers from many psychological diseases. First of all he suffers from anxiety, then tension, then blood pressure. Then he becomes a diabetic and finally a heart patient and dies very soon.
Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi says, "Ego is a veil between God's servant." However, the person who tears down this veil, then he starts getting closer to Allah. It means that when a person develops a state of gratitude within himself, his ego is under his control. Because he believes that whatever I have is not my perfection, but it is the gift of God. When a person negates his self, then his ego cannot take control of him.
Anyone who has a kind attitude towards his family, his ego cannot control him. The people living in the house are either a man's wife, sister, mother or children. Based on experience and observation, women are weaker than men. Similarly, children have not seen the outside world, their intellect is also weak. Now, the person who will be kind, gentle and tolerant with his family members will not carry pomegranates inside him. Then every person who understands that the grave is waiting for me, then there will be no ego in him. This is the reason. It is encouraged to read the funeral in religion so that a person remembers that one day I will meet him in this soil. Similarly, taking the initiative in salam, leading others forward, thinking better of others and praying for everyone are such virtues. They are due to which the ego of man remains under control.
If you think about it, you will find examples of countless people in this society whose fate was the worst just for that reason. I will stay. These were the people who used to call the powerful themselves `Serji'' and `Sir'', but whenever a weak person came within their reach, they would torture him so much that he would be forced to growl and this thing they His ego used to hurt people, but today he is an example for all people because of his ego.

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