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plants "protectors" of health, purify the air by absorbing

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According to global review reports, people spend 90% of their time indoors

throughout the day, the rooms, whether in the office or at home, should be

ventilated. Most people know that the biggest cause of their illness

Wanderers are 'germs'. These germs that enter the rooms with the air, sitting

on the curtains, sofas and table chairs, continue to increase their numbers,

they can also cause disease. Dealing with the billions of germs found in the

environment is not within the power of anyone, but Allah Almighty has

arranged for the protection of man. That's what we're going to tell you about

today. It's not surprising that dozens of plants and trees, in addition to ridding

our lives of carbon dioxide, also absorb certain chemicals. Bring one of these

plants to your home.

Presences and Chemicals in Rooms

First of all, it is important to know that carbon dioxide gas is present in every

room, as well as chemicals used in the manufacture and cleaning of furniture,

carpets and other synthetic materials (such as formaldehyde,

trichloroethylene, etc.). A mixture of (thylene, ammonia gas, benzene and

xylene) pollutes the air. New homes can have more of these chemicals in the

air, while paint on carpets or furniture in rooms can also increase the amount

of chemicals.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily" is known to botanists as Spathphiphyllumsp. While its fragrant"

aroma on the work table will keep the health fresh, it will also perform the

duty of air conditioning in the room. This plant is second to none in cleaning

the air. It not only removes carbon dioxide but also reduces other impurities

such as gases and vapors. It protects humans from vapors and gases like

ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorothiene, as it It can also grow

in the shade so it doesn't need much water and it also keeps the room from

getting muddy. In many countries, these plants are also given as gifts on

different occasions. You should also adopt this tradition and keep the

environment clean.

bamboo palm

Botanists call Bimbo Palm in their scientific language (Chamaedorea seifrizii).

Considering its merits, experts call it“ Formaldehyde has also been given the

name of 'Flitterling Superstar'. In the eyes of botanists, it is the superstar of

air-purifying plants. In some nations, according to ancient tradition, it is

believed that growing a bimbo palm plant (or tree) in the house, if it starts to

grow more, will bring wealth. They will accumulate, and if they do not

increase, only Allah can save them from poverty. Instead of moving their

hands and feet, the work-thirsty people used to sit leaning on this plant. When

poverty settled in the house, plants and wealth would start cursing those who

associated them, although in the olden days only the lucky people planted

this good plant in their homes. It is a bit difficult to protect. Be sure to plant

this plant in your lawn and ask a financial advisor about how to protect it.

Growing up to 12 feet tall, this plant will do the job of cleaning the air better

than any other plant.

Ponytail palm

is also called "ponytail plant" because of the fine red thorns on the tip and red

and white stripes on the leaves. or cleans the air by absorbing formaldehyde,

but if you have a cat or other animal, do not keep it in the rooms because its

thorns can sting Garden

(Garden Mum)

is the scientific name (Chrysanthemum Morifoliu)

This plant shades the not like a mother hides her children in her lap to.

protect them from heat and cold, maybe that's why someone named them.

"Mother of the garden" Garden Mums are an air-purifying champion.They

remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene!.

Aloe Vera

Who is not familiar with Aloe Vera, apart from the preparation of cosmetics, it

is also used in the treatment of burns. Amino acids, hyacinth and many types

of enzymes are found in each leaf. which is effective in treating inflammation

and certain types of bacteria. It also absorbs "formaldehyde" in the air

Spider plant

A beautiful but useful plant with thin leaves is also called "spider plant". This

hardy plant can grow indoors in any environment. It doesn't matter if you

forget to water it with Agra. Because it can survive without water for a long

time. It also does not need direct sunlight. It also works with light transmitted

the rough glass. Its function is to absorb xylene and formaldehyde in the air

Among other plants (Weeping Fig) and "Snake Plant" are also important.

"Weeping Figs" need more space to grow. This plant can grow up to 10 feet.

The "snack plant" does not require much water and sunlight. It absorbs

benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene from the plant air.

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Written by   15
1 month ago
Topics: Blog, Writing, Awareness, Home, Art, ...
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