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It would not be wrong to say that "Neuromarketing" is the future of

marketing. In the current era, international companies do not do anything

based on assumptions, but before launching each product, a comprehensive

research is done on how to effectively market their products to the

customers. If you observe, you will know how international companies play

with the minds of consumers. A few years ago people were not so much

"brand fever". Be it youngsters or professionals today everyone needs

branded products. Not branded, not standard, it's the formula that's been

drilled into our brains. Brands are presented as Status Symbols

According to Nobel laureate Francis Kirk, human feelings, thoughts and

actions, even self-consciousness, are simply the product of neural activity in

the brain. Marketers believe that neurobiology can eliminate uncertainty. It

can also help in understanding consumer behavior. Neuromarketing,

sometimes known as "consumer science", makes it easier to study the mind

and behavior of consumers. You can also make a decision to buy a product

with more confidence. "Neuromarketing" has gained a lot of momentum in

.the last five years, from which its importance can be estimated

An experiment was conducted to see the effects of neuromarketing in which

20 people were given a drink. Each participant in the experiment was given a

glass of drink followed by an appropriately sweetened biscuit to neutralize

the aftertaste to some extent. After some time, all the participants were given

the drink again and asked which of the two drinks they liked better. 90% said

the first drink was better when in fact both drinks were the same

The only difference was that the first glass of the drink was colder than the

second, and no one had eaten the biscuit before the drink. This was a form of

neuromarketing in which the participants did not know they were drinking the

same drink when they were told they were two different drinks

After the experiment, the participants were asked which was the drink that

was served first, then they were told the name of the company, while the

name of another company in the market was told about the second drink. As

people liked the earlier drink, its reputation grew positively

Neuromarketing is not only used to increase the sales of the product but also

to assess the consumer's behavior, feelings towards the product and the

importance of the product in their life by using 'neuromarketing' before

launching the product. is calculated and then the price of the product is

determined keeping this in mind

Neuromarketers" use people's feelings to improve the sale of the product."

Sometimes the name of the country is used, sometimes different names are

written on the bottle of the drink to attract the consumers. Sometimes car

"companies try to play with your mind by using phrases like "your own car

Marketers' interest in "neuromarketing" began after 2000, when business

school researchers demonstrated that advertising, branding and other

marketing tactics can have measurable effects on the brain. In 2004, Emory

University researchers used two international beverage companies as

subjects in an fMRI machine Before the MRI, some people were given both drinks

and their brain activity and readings were examined. To their surprise,

they found that the part of the participants' brains that activates when they

are happy and satisfied was activated. This proved that brands have an impact on

people's lives Today's leading clothing brands were nothing but textile companies a

few years ago. whose clothes were available in every market. Then these same

textile companies used "neuro-marketing" to make people believe that a suit

bought from a nice and air-conditioned store is better than a suit bought from

a normal market, even though the same company's clothes have been selling

them for decades. They have been sold in the markets. Consumers

unconsciously fall victim to the "neuro-marketing" of these brands, which

harms the consumers, not the multinationals.

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