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Love and sacrifice, true story

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Alexandre Deu Maflis was born on July 27, 1824 in Coperus. His father was the famous novelist Alexandre Deumathe. Mother's name was Mary Labbe. By the way, there was a very good ceremony between father and son and both of them spent a lot of money. Then once it happened that he was in debt of ten thousand. Due to economic constraints, Alexandre de Maufils began to write and after the creation of Camille in 1848, he became very wealthy and gained a special place in the literary world, and then he was elected to the French Academy in 1874. Alexandre de Maufils. He left the world on November 27, 1895. His works have been translated into almost all languages ​​of the world. One of his fictions "Love and Sacrifice" serves to interest the readers

The devil watched her for a moment and as he grumbled and tried to make way with her, she found him sitting in a trunk box with one of his friends.He saw that the tomb was covered with fresh camellia flowers, Marguerite's favorite flower.

This infamous area of ​​Paris got its name because of its inhabitants. A prostitute in one of the districts of Ryudantan had died in a sad state because she was badly in debt and her furniture and other belongings were being auctioned off. People were watching the spectacle of the auction, but among the spectators there was one person who stood out from the crowd and was extremely serious. He was a sensitive literary man. The late Marguerite was visited by many people in her last days who were by all accounts much less, but this man was not like that, he could see her sadness behind her beauty and youth. At this auction, he bought a volume of Minion Les Cots. When he opened the book, on the first page was written "Marguerite's Vow..." and at the bottom was the signature of R. Sindh Devil. This writing created a special kind of stirring in his heart. A few days later a stranger came to him And he told his name as R Sindh Devil. Devol was a handsome young man and even his anger was not able to hide his heartache. Actually he came to take back his book, he got it back with the humility he had requested for it.

Devil was deeply saddened that he could not reach his beloved at the time of her death. He showed her a letter that Marguerite had written to him shortly before her death, in which she expressed her love for him, saying that she wanted to live a few more days just to have him. … But it was a forlorn hope. She rose from this world before the Devil arrived. Telling all this, the young Devil was overcome with sadness and left very soon.
He came and went, and the literary man was left wondering what kind of relationship they must have had.
This literary man obtained many kinds of information about the late Marguerite from many of her acquaintances. He found that she was not like other prostitutes. Besides being quite sensible and honest, she was by no means obscene. To find out the origin of the young Devil's grief, this literary man one day visited the tomb of Marguerite in the cemetery of Mount Martre. There he saw that the grave was covered with fresh camellia flowers. These were Marguerite's favorite flowers. This scene reduced the enthusiasm of this literary man and he went to the Devil's house to listen to his love story. Young Devil was sick at that time but even in this condition he agreed to meet her. Actually he wanted to express his grief. And he had found a popular listener.
After recovering a bit, he took the literary man to the graveyard. There he said that he would remove Marguerite from this grave and bury it in another grave. Only then would he be absolutely sure that she was truly dead. This was finally done, when the body was taken out of one grave and taken to another grave, he was shocked to see the face of his beloved and lost his mental balance. Gradually recovering from this disease, he Narrated his entire story to this literary man.
A few years ago, Devil met the delicate Marguerite, who looked very beautiful with her thick black hair. At that time she was dressed in a white dress. She had a bouquet of camellia flowers in her hand and was probably going to a shop to buy something. The Devil looked at him for a moment and began to grumble and try to reason with him. Once she saw him sitting in a trunk box with one of his friends. He was at once introduced to her by his friend, but found that Marguerite took no particular interest in him, but as the young Devil returned, he heard Marguerite's laughter behind him. It turned out that Marguerite had contracted tuberculosis, and for a few days she went to Begnaresh, where an old and royal duke lived. When they saw Marguerite, they were very dizzy. few days ago His daughter had died. Seeing Marguerite, he thought she was his daughter-in-law. Although she was a notorious woman, the old duke held her in great love and respect.
The Devil was amused and enraged as he watched this beauty from afar and worshiped her in his heart. During the days of his illness, he used to visit him unannounced and ask about his health, but he never tried to meet him. Eventually he met Marguerite through another friend of his. This time Marguerite treated him with more gentleness and warmth.
Then Marguerite had a second attack of tuberculosis. His visitors did not pay much attention to this, but Devil became very concerned about his declining health and repeatedly insisted that he take care of his health. Touched by the young man's compassion and love, Marguerite accepted his love and, seeing tears in his eyes, promised to remain his as long as he did not interfere in her private affairs.
Then one day, seeing Marguerite sitting in a trunk box with Camille, he became jealous. The next night, when Marguerite said she was unwell and had only gone out for fun, Devil realized she was trying to cover it up. This fueled the fire of jealousy. Coming home, Devol wrote her a strong letter and started preparing to go to Paris himself. Marguerite tactfully replied to his letter and then she came to see him and thus they reconciled again. One day, while wandering around the countryside, Marguerite decided that the two of them would now live together permanently.
The old duke was furious at this and cut off Marguerite's financial support. To make up for the lack of money, Marguerite gradually sold off her belongings. When Devol found out about this, he was devastated and decided to give what little property he had to Marguerite, but to remain in Paris. When Wale Deval's father came to know about this act, he ordered Deval to immediately break his connection with this low caste. Devol refused to obey his father's orders, but when he returned from Paris and arrived at Marguerite's house, Marguerite was gone, and when he learned that she had gone to live with Camille, his grief knew no bounds. He suddenly went crazy. Now he had reached the peak of jealousy. He sent it with a five-hundred-franc note, writing, "Here's your price," and then he left. In Alexandria, the Devil was informed that Marguerite was very ill Wrote a letter to, in response to which he received a love letter from Marguerite. In which it was written that she was living only to earn his love. Devol immediately left for Paris, but it was too late. By the time he arrived, Marguerite had passed away.

Shortly before her death, Marguerite wrote down her feelings for Deville on a piece of paper, in which she wrote that after receiving a letter from Deville's old father, she had turned away from Deville because she did not want him to be the cause of her death. May the life of his loved one be ruined.

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Written by   17
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