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1 year ago
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We end up putting all sorts of barrier in the way of the love l that is right there in front all of us.

I am so energetic about the subject of relationships, it's the main subject on the planet earth, We can all connect significance of it. Everyone is concerned about it, we all want to be loved and we want to love with someone.. It’s the most happiest thing on earth.. Right?

It’s also very, very simple to have a carry of relationship, or what I call a satisfying partnership.

But in all its simplicity we end up making it complicated, our thinking minds disrupt in the way, we over think about anything, we forget that to be fulfilled we don’t need much things at all.. We end up putting all sorts of disrupted in the way of the fulfillment that is right there in front of us.

It all comes from fear, the fear of being unworthy, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being hurt, the fear of giving love and not getting anything back.. I get it, I feel it too.. We are humans, it’s is our natural..

However, in my view, maintaining the world of relationships needs a complete overhaul, everywhere around me I see anxiety, destructive behaving and panic.

This is creating a circle of destruction where everyone is in our mind, afraid to truly love, fearful to be vulnerable and afraid to truly let go into trust.

I doesn't need to be this way, I won’t accept it, I won’t allow it to continue. I get angry about this world situation, I get discouraged but it’s got to must change..

My goal is to move the world of relationships from dread into love, from unhappiness to joy and from destruction to peace..

And it's so easy for us to do it… At this moment..

The clarity is this: Love your partner however.….

What would occur to our relationships, if we moved from our thinking mind into feeling and loving from our hearts? This means to stop thinking a lot, it means to escape from our own way..

imagine if we were to stop listening to that shaky voice of jealousy and dread and loved our partner at any rate ? imagine through all the feelings of shaky, we took a fearless stand and loved them in any case!?

This is the response ,all along , each seacond till the end… Simply love with all our hearts..

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Topics: Good Effects, Happy, Society, Gaps, Life, ...