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how good is your mental health ?

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These are the elements that determine mental health, the measure by which you can measure the efforts you put into achieving and maintaining it Sigmund Freud said that in order to have mental health, a person must be able to love and work. Let us see what it means to be able to love and work To answer this question, one must know what motivates a person. Especially her feelings! Man's behavior is more subject to his feelings than rational thinking. Man's feelings are created by the interaction of the four great forces Love and hate: one constructive and the other destructive.

It is a pair of movements that form the basis of feelings of love and hate. When the

energies of the two are combined and turned to problems, the man uses

them for the benefit of himself and his family. Sustaining his family , Advance

then the construction energy guides it For example, a person opens up with anger

and hatred inwardly but outwardly controls himself. This thing creates tension in

his nerves which causes the body organs to become weak and disoriented and

psychotic. These are the emotions behind making others scapegoats, racial

prejudices and deception. Sometimes it happens that a person starts venting his

anger on himself

Similar things can happen in love. Sadly, some people can only love

themselves, it is impossible for them to love others. In others, too, some

people are trapped in their own shell. Entangled in their own problems, they

tell stories of sorrow. The result of this misuse of love is that people turn away from

them Conscience: Conscience is not an innate thing. It is acquired after coming

into the world. It is a set of values that are taught to us, such as religion, moral

code and relationships with others. Has a theory that is part of the

conscience. It is an idea or feeling we form about ourselves. In the term it is

called ego. This is the image we have of ourselves when we listen to the words

of our elders or respected personalities. Our aspirations and wishes are

usually more than what we can achieve. That is why we are less satisfied with

ourselves The need to be a ruler: Everyone wants to feel independent and as time

goes on. he gains control over the forces that influence him. If a person feels

that he cannot do anything about these forces, he stops trying and becomes numb

This condition affects people who are unemployed for a long time or who

spend their lives on aid. They become like children in need of others. It is a big

social problem that many people think and feel the same way. Many people

gain sovereignty or autonomy from a combination of all these. However,

there are many who are afraid of becoming adults and are always in need of others

like children Environment: The three inner forces love and hate, conscience and the

need to be empowered work together with the factors that affect man from

the outside. This is called the environment. A person may not be able to

control certain environmental factors. It depends on what kind of education

and training the parents and the school gave him to cope with the situation,

what kind of skills he got and how much freedom he got to work on his own

The most effective factors in the environment are other people. They can

boost our self-confidence, crush our desires, be aggressive, be caring.

Whatever they do, they support or trample on our desire for sovereignty

They can find happiness and joy in many ways: they have many ways to be

happy. Take and get pleasure from many things. If for some reason one

source of happiness is lost, then there are many others. For example, if a

person's best friend is separated by accident or death, he will be sorry, but if

he has other friends. he will able to breath trauma

They show resilience to pressure: it just means they bow when com comes,

they take an alternative route when there is a problem. Flexibility in the face

of pressure is deeply rooted in the fact that man has many alternative

avenues from which he can find solace.

They know and accept their limitations and abilities: it can also be said that

they see and like their reasonably accurate picture. This does not mean that

they are forced to acknowledge their caste, but rather that they could have

been nothing but their present condition and are happy and satisfied with what

they have

They treat other people like important people: people who are always busy

with themselves, pay only superficial attention to others, are so attached to

themselves that they don't care about the feelings of others and Nor do they pay

attention to what they say

Their lives are practical and productive: Mentally healthy people use their

resources for their own good and the good of others. They do what they do

because they want to do it and enjoy their professional skills. They do not

work under duress to prove their worth. They are independent in their

actions, they dominate their work. The best example of the characteristics of

people who can be called mentally healthy is Einstein. He looked very

different and isolated from others, yet he had close relationships with many people.

He was passionate about his work

Einstein rejected the presidency of Israel, he knew it was not his job, he could

teach one boy yo-yo, another wrestling, he could express his feelings in front

of others fluently and simply Medals, honors and fame did not matter to him.

How can one achieve this state of mental health? In fact, no one can achieve it

completely. Mental health is hidden in the process that a person uses to achieve his

goal Life is short. It is for living. The person who has good mental health lives it to

the fullest and the person who lives it enjoys good mental health.

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Written by   17
5 months ago
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yes our emotions control the brian always stay positive and think positive and always live a happy life

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