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Education, human behavior and the "literate ignorant

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5 months ago

One day I was standing outside my house when I saw a gentleman guiding several of his employees. An employee had a long pipe in his hand from which water was flowing like a fountain. They are not seeing water splashes falling on every passerby, nor are they thinking that the wealth of water should not be wasted.

I watched this scene for a while, then I was not released. I spoke to him ... "Brothers are splashing water on others" ... He replied carelessly that there is a lot of space ahead for people to pass by. Keep up the good work. I thought I should really do my job.

 One day when I entered the city in my car, the whole road was blocked, people were getting tired. I thought that there must have been an accident in the future, that is why the traffic on the whole canal was very slow. I was busy Not getting rid of me, I went to both of them. I said, "Brother, stand on the flyover and see how far the traffic is being affected just because of your two cars." They listened to me and instead of paying any attention, they got busy again. One of them lit a cigarette and approached the other in a slightly offensive tone and said something which I could not understand. In a fit of rage I told them again to put the cars on the side or else I would call the police because you two

Another such coincidence happened when I saw in a bank that an officer at a counter was talking to a customer when suddenly a well-dressed person enters and steps towards the counter. While doing so, Naw Ward interrupted him and started talking. The banker, realizing that there might be a senior officer, also became interested in him. The existing customer kept staring at him, but he understood the law. The next moment, the man addressed the officer in a slightly sour tone and said ... I am going to SBP to complain to you. " At that time I came to know that careless and careless type of bank officers are very active in the name of SBP. Began to do.

We have seen many times that the educated wife of a learned man would have lost all her wealth by falling into the clutches of some ignorant fraud. I know many people who keep wandering from city to city to escape from ghosts and sorcery but they do not find any true scholar. Their lives are run according to this fake foot. I often wonder how those who can't take off their jinn, who are themselves involved in dozens of problems, will be able to help others. But what to do, this disease is a bit more common in our elite class. When educated people become disciples, why can't they become educated? Is there a ban on them? No matter how helpless the people are, they too fall into the same trap of following their leaders.

One day the administration had to conduct a raid in a large market to check the quality of the goods. Nor did he ask anyone, "Brother, if these goods are not for sale, then why are they packed in sacks to decorate the space?" Can we include those who play with people's lives in the category of illiterate or not? There are beasts who play with humanity but their action can be nothing but ignorance and mindset that "We have to make money in this way and this is business." One of our minds has also become that everything is permissible in business. Money should come, no matter how it is received.

Officers have set up a "gym" in Lahore. There are different rules for entering here. There are restrictions on national dress. The vest has to be fastened on it, otherwise the exit door remains open. They can leave as they entered. Must tie with suit. Someone said that these principles are also a sign of ignorance. At that time it was called the British Service. Later, this institution was transformed into the Indian Civil Service. The typhoid disease spread from these institutions to such an extent that we stopped considering a person without a tie as a human being and a respectable man. In his view, the only reliable and educated person left was the one who wore a tie like the English, dressed in a suit and boots, and spoke fluent English. He made his own national dress a symbol of ignorance and illiteracy. Was our move correct?

Some people talk to their father's elders as if they were his slaves. These chairs are placed at a considerable distance from the master's desk so that the visitor does not even dare to extend his hand. The office environment will be like Adam Boo. ۔ Those who speak out of protocol are called rude. The distinction between the big and the small is gone. Giving status to the rich and expelling the poor is not a sign of ignorance, so what else? 

These people also changed the standard of living and principles. They began to play their part in shaping the society of nobles according to the method taught by Aristotle and Plato. In which only the nobles had real status, sovereignty was reserved for them. Ordinary people were born to live like their employees? Can we call educated people ignorant who have changed the social norms? That is why today a person dressed in the best clothes is considered honorable and a person who comes to Khadar is considered as inferior. Became subject to The simple man who came from the village is called Pando and the deceiver is called Siana. How common is this word that man ... "So-and-so is a pando, what can I say to him". Now what should we call him?

It is this habit or behavior that has ruined the family, we can tell by looking at our family which people we are meeting and which people we are moving away from. A businessman proudly told me that "I don't even meet my relatives, they are partners, I only meet friends."

Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional. When it started raining money on us, we started to see our own relatives being bitten like snakes. They are on our wealth. We are beginning to doubt their intentions. I know many brothers who, in order to avoid the illness of their sick father, said to another brother: Don't tell us because we are in so much pain, we don't see them. You take them to the hospital yourself. " Call it apathy or selfishness? Does education play a role in shaping this attitude? Educate them 

Many have told me that this is the greatest sign of ignorance that we have put behind not only our social traditions, brotherhood and family ties, but also laws and principles. We have changed the scale of reunion. Now we also see on the occasion of marriage how much wealth the groom has? If not wealth, then how many powers is there? How big is the officer? Power is also a good substitute for wealth. It is also the most important source of wealth.

I have seen people arguing over trivial matters. People say look at them and see how well they are doing and how they are doing things. They start repeating trivial things over trivial things. You are literate, we never expected that from you. Foreign sociologists also call such things the command set. They think that this is a mindset which does not change even after getting education, and they keep on speaking according to this mindset. These people keep moving in a circle from which they cannot get out. According to these experts, such behaviors are born from the womb of the mind set, and then they turn into a habit. Although the habit can be changed, but it requires a lot of courage and hard work. It has to be forced.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. What does education teach us and what should we learn from it? In our religion of Islam, morality and social harmony are of utmost importance. We are commanded to get good training along with education. We must not forget that humanity and morality is the greatest lesson. There was a time when training was given along with education, the two are inseparable, they cannot be separated. We believe that along with the education system, the training system should be better and more efficient. We should also promote moral values. The role of father cannot be ignored because good training starts from inside the house, that is why it is said that good mother creates a better society.

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Written by   17
5 months ago
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