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!Daily problems, keep the mind organized

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4 months ago

If we overcome common daily difficulties, it means we are preparing ourselves for success in other areas, including our career, friendship, politics, business, marriage, etc. "He who rules his soul is better than he who conquers a city." If you conquer your soul and manage to discipline your daily routine, you will On the way to becoming a "leader of the people". Therefore, I want to bring to your notice the simplest everyday problems and offer suggestions that will prove beneficial. If you succeed in these simple matters, it is as if you become the owner of "Khul Ja Sim Sim" of competence, happiness, and well-being Getting out of bed early in the morning It is a problem that costs the country millions of hours of work every week are unable to wake up early because of emotional turmoil and cannot get deep sleep, and are busy trying to resolve them, hate being responsible, and always A soft warm bed wants comfort in warmth, like a child. Let's see which reason applies to you.

So try to understand why this is so? It probably means

that you were pampered or treated harshly as a child. Deep down you rebel

against responsibility in order to have the comforts of childhood and

childhood. However, the joy of responsibility is the desire of childhood. It can

never be found from discipline, balance of personality and emotions

Getting up at the right time not only preserves self-respect, but also does not

achieve the benefits expected from lying for half an hour between sheets. If

you really want to enjoy life, getting up early is the easiest way to do it.

Whether it's going on a fun vacation or hoping to get a big check through the

docks, you'll definitely jump out of bed and get going. You will be surprised. If

you believe that today is one of the best days and you want to make it that

way, you will have a great energy and ambition that will drag you out of bed

Another simple problem is answering regions. For many people, writing a

letter is not the problem, but getting started is. For some people, especially

business people who have to answer a large number of letters, writing a letter

seems to be a problem The treatment for both problems is the same.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale answers this in his book "A Guide to Living a

Confident Life". Pick up a letter and decide on it right away. If you

want to write the answer, start writing at the same time. If the necessary

information is not provided, write a memory note on it and keep it in the

appropriate box of the repository. If it needs further consideration, put

it in the postponement box, but don't put it off for too long. Deal with it

somehow. Picking up the terrains aimlessly and looking at them again and again

will fill you up and become a nightmare. If you organize your mind, you will feel

a sense of power and you will be surprised at how easily things start to happen

organization It is about keeping things in their proper place. "Where's my glasses?",

searching around and seeing all the possible places to keep them, but not

being able to see well without them, this search turns out to be a waste of

time. The same is the case with searching for the gloves that were worn

yesterday, the umbrella that was used in the last rainy season, not being

found, the library book, keys or letter not found. The answer to this problem is

simple. Adopt a new habit. Make a logical decision that there is a place for

everything and everything should be in its place. Follow this decision with

good faith today. Soon the "muscles" of this habit will become strong and it

will really benefit you greatly.

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Written by   17
4 months ago
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