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Postpartum depression

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Moms, have you experienced having postpartum depression? How was it? What are the symptoms and how you deal with it?

For those moms out there, it is important for you to discovered postpartum depression as early as possible to fix this that may result in depression. Also, it's not become worse, and do the things that may lead to regrets.

What are the symptoms of PPD (postpartum depression?)

Here are some symptoms of the postpartum depression that must watch out for and don't ignore.

What is postpartum depression? When it is happening?

Postpartum depression is the period following childbirth. It is a condition that is always experienced by the mother, right after giving birth. Perhaps some of you heard the news about a mother who abandoned their baby or killed their baby and gets suicide. It's called postpartum depression that strikes 9 out of 10 mothers in the world, says a study.

According to a study, it's normal for them to experience mood swings, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping after giving birth. This usually happened on the first day and week after giving birth. Though it is normal it may take longer and become worse until it becomes postpartum depression wherein very alarming. The postpartum can detect base on how much longer or when it is attacked to mothers who get childbirth.

Here are symptoms of postpartum depression:

  1. Always feel irritated and get mad. They are very sensitive to everything.

  2. Thinking of being not a good mother. Single mistake makes them stress.

  3. Feeling of uselessness or worthless, ashamed, self-pity, and guiltiness.

  4. Feel the sadness and grief.

  5. Hard to concentrate.

  6. Cry often.

  7. Always tired.

  8. Want to be alone rather than bond and make conversation with her family and even bond with her baby.

  9. Less interest with their formerly enjoyed things.

  10. No appetite.

  11. Saying that she wanted to hurt her baby or herself.

  12. Saying a harsh and hurtful statement.

How to overcome and avoid postpartum depression?

Here are some ways to avoid and overcome postpartum depression. They are as follows:

  1. Don't isolate yourself. Talk to your family and friends. Because isolating yourself will bring you down day after day, we're not designed to live alone.

  2. Don't hesitate to ask others for help. Let go of your ego and ask for help when you need it badly. Asking for help is not considered a sign of your weakness.

  3. Take a rest when your child asleep. If your baby takes a nap, take a nap too, and put everything aside. If you have difficulties falling asleep, don't stress yourself. Instead, relax on the couch and stay off the phone, just lay down because it will be helpful for you to rest well.

  4. Be realistic with what you should expect about yourself and your child.

  5. Strengthen your relationship with your husband. Give time for each other.

  6. Think that there will be bad times and there will be good times. Just be happy when times are good and be considered when times are bad.

  7. Eat food that something healthy rather than drinking alcohol or even caffeine.

  8. Do light exercise like walking and breathe some fresh air.

it's important being healthy after giving birth, it will a big help for you to give also the right care needs for your baby.

How to cure postpartum depression?

Sometimes we don't know that we have already postpartum depression. So the role of the people around them must determine it. Because when the time comes they determine that there are signs and symptoms in their behavior it's time to consult the doctor immediately. So that it will not turn into a postpartum psychosis is the stage of depression that results in violent behavior.

When it comes to giving a cure for postpartum depression, it depends on how bad it is or the types of depression experienced by a mother. They might be given an anti-depressant or can under to psychotherapy and support group discussion and education. This is to know them that they are not alone in this kind of battle.

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