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Upland Metaverse Detroit - how minted out is this city? Rio de Janeiro next! Play and earn $USD!

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4 months ago

Ahh, the #Upland #MetaverseMonopoly, on steroids, on the #Blockchain. So nice to get paid in $USD for gameplay. Have you heard of it? Do you play? Are you considering starting? Have you been successful?

With Rio De Janeiro Brazil as the next city to be launched soon and the first international city, and the announcement of PORTO the elite Euro futbol club of Portugal's involvement as part of #licensed #NFTs coming (and more) in-game, it is a great time to position yourself wisely for moves ahead or to start to play.

New players can get enough free in-game currency just by using my referral link following to buy a metaverse property at no cost here: 

The game works great on Apple and Android mobile platforms too.

If you are just starting, you will want to pick your city as Detroit to launch in, of the cities available as this is a beginner-player city. You won't be able to afford the freebie property in cities like Manhattan, or the others available. Go with Detroit. I can help you pick your first property too. My Twitter profile is @ NFTfreebie If you DM me, or even comment below, I will offer assistance so that you pick the best property as your first one to give you the absolute best start in the game. 

Additionally, I will be doing some regular articles here and on Publish0x centered around Upland as time permits, both focused on beginner and more seasoned veteran strategies and information. 

Previously I have given statistics for the city of Detroit in the Upland metaverse ecosystem, in another article on Publish0x as part of the article here (3/4 way down)  and what percentages of the overall properties have minted out. 

Here is the map from this morning below for Detroit in Upland.

The map above includes both FSA properties and non-FSA properties. FSA properties are reserved for only first-time buys for beginners in the game and are priced lower than non-FSA properties. When a beginner sells an FSA property, they can sell at the going rate for non-FSA properties. This gives new players a chance to level up faster and more fairly in the game. The purple neighborhood areas are all sold out. Dark blue areas are very close to being sold out and likely only have a few FSA properties remaining to be minted as a first-time sale and first-time NFT creation in the game. Light green areas may have as much as 50% of properties remaining to be minted as seen. This map is from the morning of July 18th (New York City time, USA), and may have changed slightly by the time I post but not too much. 

I wrote other articles focused on Queens, New York in Upland, where I hold some properties.

You can see those below: (the second provides a rough guideline of the mechanics in-game of minting and buying your first property in Upland if you are a new player. 

This article following was great because I provided pre-city release amazing info., some nice collections could have been targeted and money could have been made: 

Anyway, I really like this game. It can be a grind at times, and frustrating, but the community is pretty great and there is an actual chance to make real money. I am pretty far ahead of my investments in the game were I to cash out today. Not investment advice.

Happy to help new players along, so please be in touch - there are a lot of creative ways to level up fast!


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Written by   3
4 months ago
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