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My Tuesday!

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3 months ago


Hello my friends here at I hope we are always happy. I am always happy because this flattform is so beautiful. It helps us all a lot.


I woke up early this Tuesday to cook our simple and delicious breakfast.

Sauteed cornbeef with onion and egg. I also cooked fried chicken. This is our breakfast today.

At around 10 in the morning, my hubby invited us to visit the new subdivisions here in Lipa City Batangas. To inquire how much rent to own house. We like to take at least 2 units of the house to rent. For we have an investment.

This photo is unplash

What first subdivision did we go first subdivision?

At Fresher Morning we go first. The guard asked us. It's just sad because the reservation is not open yet because the model house is still being finished. The model house is still under construction.

This subdivision is very large when opened. The guard told us that we would only return once to open.

We also left immediately when the guard said that the subdivision was still closed.

The first subdivision that we went. Located at Munting Pulo Lipa City batangas

What is the second subdivision we went to?

The Lynnville subdivision located in Barangay Munting Pulo Lipa City. It is also a subdivision that is broad. My hubby doesn't like it because it's so crowded with the amount of houses standing here.

We did not inquire here. I just went inside because my hubby didn't like it.

Lynnville. Located at Munting Pulo Lipa City batangas.

What is the third subdivision we went to?

Broadway Homes was the third and last subdivision we went to. The guard greeted us. We asked how to inquire. The guard's answer to us here inside the subdivision is their office. We are admitted. At once we inquire at the office. We spoke to a Broadway Home staff to explain and show its map. Where there can be found the sold out and vacant. We were also shown the model house.

She's beautiful, she's not big. Just right for a small family.

The loanable Pag Ibig fund is quite pricey. But my hubby said he should first study the map given to us and your prices contained in the paper provided by the staff.

Broadway Homes. Located at Munting Pulo Lipa City batangas.

When we left the Broadway Homes subdivision, we went to the market to buy our dish. My hubby just went.

Food that buy of my hubby.

My two kids and I were left on the tricycle.

While we waited we went to MS Supermarket to buy morning snacks. Because it was so hot we thought my 2 kids would buy corneto ice cream. Enjoy them while eating.

Morning snacks.

At Home ...

When we get home. I immediately cooked a late lunch. Because my meal is tambakol porridge. Easy to cook.

After I finished cooking we ate delicious and happy even late lunch

Our late lunch.

When we finished lunch. We took a shower. Because we're good on the outside. For safe in covid 19.Daily routine this once we are leaving the house.

Dinner Time ..

I no longer cooked the dish we left over food for our late lunch. My two kids and I were happy with our dinner. My hubby has also entered his work.

Our delicious dinner.

Closing Words.

This is my simple article about what I did this Tuesday. I hope you readers will be happy while reading this.

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Written by   109
3 months ago
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Ang ganda ng bahay sis, and good investment din yan.

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3 months ago

Oo sissy pero pricy din

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