House Blessings Of My Older Brother...

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Hello my readers friendship here at

Im busy so only now again have the opportunity to write a simple article.

I hope all my generous friends are ok.


What agenda on the eve of blessings?

My brother picked me up early at my dad's house and around 8am .. Together of my two kids.

On the way in my house of my older brother.

When we were in the town of Rosario, my brother first went to the market to buy our dish.

Market or Rosario

Arriving at my brother's house ..

I cooked the pork he bought.

Pork porridge. This is our lunch and dinner dish.

My niece also likes pork porridge.

So this is the meal I prepare. With ripe mango dessert

Lunch to Dinner meal

After lunch ..

After we have lunch. My sister in law and I have started arranging her things in her kitchen dividers. That case he bought from abroad.

It's so beautiful to look at and most of all the quality is good.

Arranging things in kitchen dividers.

After we fix the kitchen divider ..

We also cleaned the inside of their house for the preparation of house blessings ...

And around 6pm the venue cater started to arrange for the decoration of house blessings

Starting set up of catering service.

The day of house blessings ...

I woke up early and my two kidz. We took breakfast right away. Then take a bath immediately because many guests are coming

At around 8:30 am the food arrived from the house of my sister in law's mother. That's where all the food is cooked.

At 9am I and my two kids were getting ready.

Later, my father also came together with my cousins.

Start Of the blessings ..

And around 10am, the priest arrived to bless my brother's house.

He said mass for a while. Then straight away blessings of holly water at home

After the blessings my brother and sister in law scattered coins.

Everyone was happy to pick up.

Then eat. Everyone ate happily. The number of visitors was great.

It was fun and many came to their invited.

The visitors of house blessings.

Until the evening of 7:30 pm the arrival of visitors closes.

I immediately cleaned their house before we went to sleep.

It was fun and my sister in law and I finished cleaning. Today is a happy day because my brother's house blessings have been glorious.

Done cleaning.

Clossing Words ...

This is my simple article about my brother’s house blessings.

Very happy blessings because many have been their guests. May you be blessed with many more blessings.

God Bless to all

Once again thank to all my sponsors

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Congrats po sa brother niyo.. Sobtlrang dami naman foods.. Pwedeng makihingi.. Hehe

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1 year ago

Maraming tnx kaibigan. Kaso ubos n food. Noong sunday pa kase. Hahaha

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1 year ago

Ayy, hehe.. Next time nalang po pag ikaw na po ang magpapahouse blessing..

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1 year ago

sarap ng mangga huehue I wanttt super linis and ganda ng house

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1 year ago

Oo friend super ganda tlga

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1 year ago

That's quite an amazing ritual. Also the house is very nice. Good luck to your brother.

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1 year ago

Yes friend. Tnk you very much

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1 year ago