Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

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The most obvious indication of polycystic ovarian syndrome if PCOS is not usually walking at a non-menstrual mob or is there. This is why the status of the ovary stopped doing egg separation or ovulation. However, it is not the common sign of those who have recently been carried out because they last for two years before the regular menstrual cycle. Having an unbalanced body hormone does not only change the ovary of the woman, but also includes his or her overall body. The doctor also closes these effects during the patient's physical diagnosis are great help to determine if a woman has a woman.

Here are some possible signs and symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome when PCOS:

- Excessive abdominal pain during menstruation, the stomach and slice.

- Excessive bleeding when there is a bleeding menstruation.

- Weight gain and get difficult to control the body's mandatory.

- A condition called hirsutism which means to the women's hair in their face, chest, back and around the nipple.

- Thinning or fading in which it is called a medical term with alopecia:

- Face to face or acne is overwhelmed and infant.

- Desperate and blunt skin on neck, neck and breasts.

- high blood pressure.

- not childbirth for a long time..

- high scale of cholesterol in the blood.

- Small billy or skin tags in orphan and neck.

- Excessive snoring and occasional stop breathing during sleep. It is called Sleep Acnea.

According to faith, those who have experienced women are like a hair as the hair and bodies before 8 years old, there is a great opportunity to harbor PCOS. Tracks the right path if concern for a woman's health condition he consulted with a doctor. The doctor will question what causes the patient. The doctor asks what the woman is listening to, the state of his hometown over the last days, the medical aspect of the descent of the father and mother, if there is an allergy to any other thing and Food, weight change and other guidance to provide guidance to make more useful illness. Also ask about monthly menstruation and the typical length of it. This general is called medical history.

It is very necessary to be able to determine the illness of a woman's feelings. Out as the doctor does, do the doctor in the exclamation of the patients and signals found in the patients' body , Face acne, skin consuming, gradual headaches and heading to some parts of the body found in the women's body with PCOS. It is called Physical Examination.

In addition to the general interests and exodes, to prove that a woman has a PCOS, body and blood when insulin body hormone, when insulin hormone is high, if Is blood sugar high and the amount of hormone that closes blood. It is also common to give them ultrasound to determine the status of the ovary and lap. These tendencies are very important to ask the doctor in the current patient's condition that is the basis for providing the proper drug against the problems with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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