10 Things Toddlers Wish They Could Tell You

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  1. Walk in my small Shoes.

Remember the children's game "Mother, May I?" One child played "Mother" while the rest started behind a line drawn on a sidewalk or a dusty lane. "Mother" stood in the distance with a second line in front of her. The first child to cross that line won. Even small children recognized that babies and toodlers had to take many, many steps with their short legs to keep up with big people.

  1. My attention span is Limited.

A child who reaches for things on shelves is not necessarily destructive, just inquisitive. Sure it's fun to meet and greet neighbors in supermarket aisles, but your toddlers aren't interested in catching up on all the latest news.

  1. Im afraid of strangers.

Few children appreciate being passed from lap to lap. Most prefer getting to know new people a little at a time and on their terms. Be wary of forcing your toddler to accept strangers and new babysitters immediately.

  1. Im not a pet or a trained seal.

These and other performance on demand statements place your toddler in a tough spot. Some small children delight in showing off. Others shrink away, risking a reprimand. If your child falls in the latter group, don't push it.

  1. Don't be embarrased if I don't respond the way you hope I will.

There is no need to apologized for your baby or small children if they; cry when someone new picks them up. Hide behind you during introductions. Refuse to sit on Grandpa's lap when he hasn't visited in a long time. They aren't terrible kids. They're shy, frightened and unsure of themselves in new situations. Too many parents feel that an unresponsive toddler reflects unfavorably on them, and they react accordingly.

  1. Please don't compare me with others.

Every baby and child is unique. Some learn to walk and say a few words before they are one year old. Others take longer. So what? Toddler development isn't a race, although to hear some parents talk, it appears to be.

  1. I can't like everything you think I should.

Children need a variety of food, toys, etc. But to expect that they will like each equally is unrealistic. Forcing toddlers to eat foods they actively dislike, or to force their interest in a specific way, can develop into bigger problems later. If your toddler doesn't care for a certain vegetable, choose another.

  1. Handle me with care.

Toddlers may look sturdy, but they are still fragile. Overdone rough-housing, tossing babies in the air, and jerking little arms and legs can damage young, growing bodies. Toddlers also need careful emotional handling. They can't always tell you if they're sick, cold, lonely or overly tired as easily as they can express hunger. Fussing is often a symptom of someone needing attention

  1. Let me be my own age.

Some toddlers behave so well occasion that parents forget they aren't little women and little men. Remember, toddlers are just past babyhood, and they must not be expected to respond like miniature adults. Lead- don't push- your toddlers into each new stage of childhood. Enjoy them fully at ages 2,3 and 4. Soon you'll wave your kindergartner off in the mornings, and only memories of their toddler days will remain.

  1. Be sure to tell me about Jesus.

Small children are wide open to learning about Jesus in the preschool years. Create a Godly home where you talk often about the Lord, and all who dwell within will be blessed.

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There are things we may not know they want to say to us.

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4 months ago

Yes that is why, they do crying.. 😁

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