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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by paying with BCH !!!

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1 year ago

Today I want to tell you about a very important day in history, which is "Bitcoin Pizza Day" It's been commemorated since May 22, 2010, thanks to a person named Laszlo Hanyecz who made the purchase of two family pizzas delivered to his home and paid with 10,000 bitcoins (that's right) 10,000 bitcoins to Jercos.

 This day has become an important one for the entire Bitcoin community globally, as it is the first time a transaction is made buying a good with Bitcoin with Laszlo buying from Jercos. This success marks an important benchmark regarding the measurement of the value of the cryptocurrency, of the first cryptocurrency in history.

That is why we celebrate this day by eating pizza and paying with Bitcoin Cash.

Now, you will wonder in which merchants and in which places you can pay with Bitcoin Cash for your pizzas.

Paying with Bitcoin Cash has become one of the fastest activities, easy and safe worldwide. With Bitcoin Cash you can perform micro-transactions in record time and with low fees, today we want to show you a directory that we know will be very useful to you for all the purchases you want to make.

I mean, a directory where you can find various options across the world of merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method showing you their coordinates, social networks, phone numbers and exact address. It is very easy to use go to: a bar will appear in the top of the map there you can find the place of your preference or you can also do it by city. Without a doubt is an excellent tool to find sites like this and enjoy a delicious pizza while paying with ease.

There are also various platforms that drive commercial adoption of BCH globally. One such case is "BCH Pizza", which is a website dedicated to increasing the merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash. It's very easy, anyone can post a bounty in Bitcoin Cash to reward a pizzeria or restaurant serving pizza in any city you choose The merchant can claim half of the reward when it starts accepting Bitcoin Cash and the other half of the reward goes to the person who convinced the pizzeria to start accepting Bitcoin Cash. It is a very friendly website and with reward options in several cities across the world. Without a doubt, tools like this from BCH Pizza are part of the growth of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and above all can help you to find pizzas as delicious as these.

Get motivated to be part of the future Join these great initiatives and pay with Bitcoin (Cash) for your pizzas

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!


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1 year ago
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