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Here's what a trip to Spain looks like

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3 months ago
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Even though it’s been almost half a year since that wonderful trip, I still remember it all like it was yesterday. This trip was both a sign of maturity and an opportunity to finally prove to my parents that I am a responsible and 'adult' person they can be proud of

It all starts that long-awaited Friday, the day I go to prom with class, to the craziest pastime of my life. That July 20, we all waited excitedly for the whole school year and the closer that day got, the more nervous I became. There was so much to do, buy new cloths (of course, the 'old' ones weren't good enough), food for the trip, hygiene supplies, etc. - I guess to turn out cool in front of my friends… What worried me the most was not to forget something out of so many things, so I made a big list of all the things I need, not to mention that I made that list a month in advance.

And so, that day finally came, I remember that we left an hour later because that night was a football match between Croatia and Turkey (that match after which the whole country cried). We finally got on the bus around 10pm and finally headed towards the promised land of Spain

The first stop was Venice

The first day

The night was mostly quiet, we were probably all impressed with the game so no one wanted to have fun. In the morning we arrived in Venice - a city known for its canals, gondolas and rich history. Even though it was over 30 degrees outside, our atmosphere was further warmed by a precocious guide who had such a good spike that we really thought how fun this history could be. We saw a lot, from the beautiful St. Mark's Square, the Renaissance Campanile tower, the Grand Canal and the bridge that crosses it, the Ponte dei sospiri, better known as the Bridge of Sighs. In addition to sights, there were also street vendors who want to sell you some of the 'original' bags like Prada, Gucci, LV, etc.… On the same day we visited Padua, a city in northern Italy, where we saw the beautiful Basilica of St. Anthony in which houses his relics and his tomb.

After a long bus ride, we finally arrived at a hotel in Cannes in the late evening. There we unpacked, finally took a bath and went to bed because we were too tired.

Other day

In the morning we had to pack our things early, go for breakfast and go sightseeing in Cannes (a city on the Cote d’Azur). Since Cannes is known for its film festival, we hoped to meet someone famous, but we weren’t that lucky. We had to settle for nice cars, yachts and other fancy things.

We spent the rest of the day in Nice. Also a beautiful city consisting of the old and the new part. We were free all day and wandered the city alone until about 10pm. After that we headed to the Principality of Monaco Monaco in addition to being known for its casinos, extravagance, there is also the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, it is interesting that this track goes through the city center.

Third day

After spending the whole night on the bus, we arrived at the Salvador Dali Museum. He was a famous Spanish painter, writer and filmmaker who is remembered in history for his bizarre paintings.

Fourth to seventh day

After a hard journey, we arrived in Spain a paradise for high school seniors. We arrived at the hotel, that is. hotel complex Don Juan. And on arrival, my friends and I were moved to another part of the hotel (the more exclusive one) because there was a broken water pipe in the room where we were supposed to be. We were overjoyed; better beds, a large bathroom, lights that light up on cards and, most importantly, completely separate from our classroom and supervised professor. We knew this was going to be the right vacation we deserved. We were mostly free during our stay in Spain, we were on that beautiful beach with big waves all day, and in the evening we went out to super cool nightclubs. In a word, PARADISE!

We were in Barcelona, ​​the capital of the province of Catalonia, where we visited the famous football stadium Camp Nou and a museum dedicated to the football club. We had the opportunity to watch the beautiful Magic Fountains, a wonderful game of light, water and music.

The eighth day

Our vacation in Lloret de Mar ended and we headed home. We weren’t aware of how it all ended so quickly, but we knew everything beautiful was short-lived. So we drove all day, to arrive in the evening in Avignon, a city in southern France known for its theater festivals, history and strong winds.

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3 months ago
Topics: Information
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