My Thoughts on Blockchain Equality

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2 years ago

Every day I always read that a billionaire makes a wave. Elon Musk is making rockets or the bald man distributing smiles and books. These great guys have built companies worth billions. And I'm sure they have sacrificed more than we can imagine.

Still, there is a great disparity within the old system. Many at the top of the food chain get most of their economic generosity through stock gains. These stock gains (which would never be accessible to an ordinary person) combined with corporate credit possibilities provide great purchasing power. In turn, purchasing power can work wonders for anyone.

So let's imagine that the old system is a giant playground. And in this playground, we all live as children. Some of the children were assigned to clean the playground. While some of the kids have all the toys.

Now that children have all the toys, they think it is their own to keep the toys for themselves. While the cleaning kids take some time to play. Still, children who clean it begin to see a pattern. They have to work instead of having fun.

Now a new playground is showing itself. A place where all toys are accessible to everyone. And there are plenty of toys in this playground. In turn, working children decide to move to a different playground.

Now I'm using this allegory to describe what's happening on the blockchain right now. Many are beginning to realize the economic inequality that exists in our society. It will not work to give the government a job to solve this problem. Because this is an income issue.

Honestly, it's all virtual currency. Every fiat is just that. Figures created in a computer notebook. Many cannot see beyond the grand illusion.

That's why blockchain will change the way society looks at money. Symbols are everywhere. Still, this $ symbol carries over 100 years of branding under construction. It represents a better life for some. And for others, this represents a demanding scarcity mindset.

We should start asking ourselves what kind of society we want to live in? A few rich people when people are extremely indebted? Or a society where everyone has substantial purchasing power? And by the way, more income inequality does not cause revolutions.

Some of our community leaders prefer to be ruthless when it comes to tax / money issues. Still, this is the wrong course of action. This only serves to create division and confusion. And ultimately people get stuck on the bill as usual.

These income issues will be resolved through the blockchain. I believe people will change their perspective on virtual currency soon. The Federal Reserve Note $ brand has gone dark, which will lead more people to look for alternatives. These alternatives like Leo Finance will be available.

The goals of all blockchain participants should be to create all-encompassing systems. These systems should create both value and income. Solving poverty and poverty may be the sparkling moments of our generations. The perfect end to a flawed monetary system. :)

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2 years ago


Now a days the people who hold lots of bitcoin like Elon Mask they are literally huge amount of money then every one .

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