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US Transition: Biden Seeks Financial Assistance From Americans

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3 months ago

It is no more news that sitting US President, Donald Trump, has refused to concede defeat. He cited fraud and other irregularities in the election as his reason for not conceding defeat.

It is also very interesting to know that, so far, President Trump doesn't have any concrete evidence/s to prove his claim of fraud in the results of the election of the World's most celebrated and most advanced democracy.

He has gone further to initiate legal proceedings against the results of the election, demanding for a recount in some States. The State of Georgia, just yesterday, released the results of the recount and Joe Biden still won with a wide margin.

In addition to the above, CNN reported last week that President Trump admitted to one of his close allies that he knows that he lost the election but he just wants to deliberately frustrate the transition programme because of how the Democrats criticised his Government.

CNN also reported last week President Trump made attempts to overturn the results of the election in Michigan State but thanks to members of his party, two Republican Senators, who frustrated the effort.

As a result of the above therefore, Joe Biden decided to launch an online platform last week as a medium to reach out to fellow well meaning Americans to solicit for financial assistance to sponsor his transition programme.  

The above action by the President - elect to seek financial assistance is as a result of the fact that President Trump has decided not to release public funds to sponsor the transition programme.

The  world is watching as more events unfold with regards to this election.

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