5 Tips to Rank Your New Website on Google

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2 years ago

No doubt Google is the crucial search engine. To learn and gain knowledge about ranking a website, one should follow proper guidance. It looks easy, but it’s pretty tough if you are a newbie. There are some strategies involved in it. Most importantly, it needs your full attention and some understanding of the concepts behind it. Make your research strong, and try to keep yourself updated. 

Everyone wants immediate results if they search for something on google. Therefore, to rank your new website on Google, you will need a lot of hard work and improvements. Make sure your website is on the top of the page. If you concentrate, you will realize google is your best friend in so many ways. It increases your website traffic, improves brands sales, and helps in getting in potential customers. 

5 Tips to Rank Your New Website on Google:

Just creating and establishing a website is not enough. These days a business is successful only when it is ranking in the top five lists on search engines. It can make customers. 

1-Add Meta Descriptions:

Due to the lack. Of knowledge, many people don't understand the importance of meta description. Some of them just don't know what they are, how to use them etc. They are small blurbs that are written under your website on SERP that contain information about your website. However, web design services are facilitating their customers with incredible benefits. Also, it is constructive and beneficial for your site if you add meta descriptions because they are very prominent and visible.

2-Use Keywords in the URL:

First of all, you need to understand what keywords are and how many types of keywords are there. Keywords are a set of words that define what you are offering on a website. There are several types of keywords. The two are the most popular ones, long-tail keywords, and short keywords. Use keywords that drive the most traffic to your website. Therefore it also helps in google ranking. Don't forget to check the volume section to make sure your keywords have high volume. 

3-Work on Website Speed:

Similarly, to rank a new website, keeping your focus on a website speed is a must. Generally, people don't focus on this part. Do they think about how it can affect google ranking? If the website is slow, you can quickly lose a customer. If you are losing them, that means your website is not in the google search bar. Remember your customer won't wait for you. They will leave your website if it keeps buffering or showing errors which is a significant loss for a company as well.

4-Mobile-Friendly Application:

In today's world, people use their cell phones for almost everything. They carry their mobiles, tablets with them if they are heading out. This generation can't move without a cell phone; that is why brands are making their websites mobile-friendly. Whether you want to transfer the cash to someone, the most straightforward way you can do it is from a cell phone. Or if a person wants to. Order something that requires the fastest website because most brands have this facility for their customers. 

5-Blog Comments Help:

Blog posts and blog comments are pretty similar. These are short paragraphs with subheadings and bullet points. A good, authentic that provides informative content can help overall your google ranking. Furthermore, rank your new website, try to keep your content accessible to read, and always focus on valuable information in your content. 


As we all know, websites are an essential part of everything, whether it’s the famous brand of clothes, technology-related stuff, or education. Every business has its website because you can’t deny that people use the latest technology daily to keep themselves updated. If you want to gain your customer’s trust and make a brand more professional, it is meaningful to have a better website. 

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