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The ones I felt closer to myself

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6 months ago

“I had a friend. You know. I told you about him. He spoke so well! I wouldn't get tired of listening! He rarely read it, but he had such a beautiful poetry recitation! He also had very nice words. Right now I can think: "That a relative does not scorpion to a relative!" came a saying that he repeated often. " the grandfather started the conversation.

Oh my God! How many people have suffered from that trouble among us! Treasure just touched its wounds. We did not know that some of them were troubled by his siblings, some from his uncle's uncle, and some with his aunt. They did not go into much detail, they did not mention names, but even their cursory remarks left me in astonishment!

He made a trial when it got crowded. He saw that he only had one and a half followers. That is to say, muhlis and mukarreb, that is, a woman and a man rather than relatives… ”Grandpa continued.

“Sometimes I blame myself, but my labor and good deeds are wasted. I see evil from those closest ungrateful relatives. They don't ask how I studied at university. I don't have a voice, I don't give them a palm… I think they think they are both working and reading. If they don't shy, they'll ask me for money! I have more future. Whatever I do now is for myself ... ”he said.

“We talked about these issues a lot. Actually, there is no need to look for a criminal. First of all, I judge myself at the point of sincerity. Be pure, pure, pure, who am I? I do not know about you. Maybe you are very sincere but I see myself very blurry and dark. I look around, I cannot see anyone who is flawed with myself. "

"God knows grandpa, but I think you are pretty close to him. Maybe they have even more relatives. I do not know." said Joy.

"God:" We created man who knows! " says. In the ability to know ... "Hands and faces are like a net. He is like a chemter than me." Mine is a thousand worse than that! ”

"Self-promotion, that is, to humiliate, to see bad, evil ... This must be a sign that you are quite advanced.

“Did you think I was saying out of humility? If only it were! "

“There is more time. Then see how to get better before death arrives! ” İhsan laughed. His mind was joking around.

"God willing! Pray for me, Joy! ” said the grandfather calmly.

"I hope you will be a servant as god wants, grandfather!

The evening was near. There were birds chirping in the trees and on the edges of the roofs. Grandfather said that they also had dhikr of their own.

“They are chanting en masse. They have no hands, no arms! God, who created them in such a way, makes their provision ready. They fly away, eat and drink. Our sustenance depends on our labor. As our impotence diminishes, our effort should increase. Job cannot be expected from a newborn. Even chewing is a job. His sustenance is in his mouth in the best quality, ready at all times, in the time of need. When his teeth begin to come out, he will bite, tear, pick, and then chew and swallow. "

Cicada sounds mixed with bird sounds. If grandfather had noticed, he would have talked about them too, talking about them coming to bed and going to bed. His eyes caught the mustache of Chris, a newcomer who came to us from time to time. It must have come to annoy him:

“What those mustaches, son! Are you drinking the soup by straining the milk? " said.

“You put on my mustache, grandfather! I'm already very ugly. My mustaches are also an ugliness accessory ... "

“It will happen, at least leave a beard and it will be complete! Either put them in some shape or cut them! ”

"The place to be cut is not a mustache, it's my head ..."

“God gave it to be cut off! If you cut it, it won't come out again, according to him ... "

“Then there is neither a mustache nor an ugliness… Sacrifice is to be a victim! Isn't that so, grandpa? "

"Just be close, enough!"

“I thought a lot while you were talking about intimacy. So what I thought was nothing! "

“The universe, totally nothing! We are also nothing. But what makes us something, that is important, is the existence of God, the connection between us and us, and the closeness in this relationship ... The soldier is someone like you without surrendering, but then ... ! Man is not a thing on his own. He is considered important because his place is important. Eşrefi is being created. The hardest thing is to be a servant. You know, there is an exaggerated, beautiful but objectionable word spoken to a lover last time! "I am your servant slave!" they say. Being able to be a servant ... Say: "My servant! .." is enough for me! " my mother would say. "

“Aren't we? Doesn't he use us as he wants, like honey? " Mark said. He meant something. Did it start wrong?

"What it means? We use everything that He gives. Numerous blessings in body, food, drink, air, space and space, as well as servants ... The blessings of the realm of angels ... "Then what boon of your Lord do you deny?" What blessing do you deny? How does he use us? Is he running his field? Is he spreading his flock? Is it in service? What can we do? What can we do for Him? If only we could! Fortunately, he is free of need and does not want a job from us! Look what you say even though he doesn't want to! Is he using us as slaves because we have become his servants! He bestowed slaves on us! Whatever is in the sky on the earth, they serve us whirlingly! "

"Breakfast, my slave, breakfast ... We were hungry!" he said to Mark Crish. Iftar time was close. He was also closest to his fiancee.

"Yes, my lady, my dear! Yes, sir! Your slave is always at your disposal, sir! " Mark said, smiling. He got up and took over the stove. "What can I do better than serving the fasting person!" he added. He concluded today's conversation as follows:

“Allah is very close to his servant. This is called Divine closeness. God is closer to everything than anything. There is also Divine Love, which is the truth of God's being close to human beings. It is closer than the jugular vein. He is in his blood and his life. "

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6 months ago
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