Mistakes you shouldn't make at age 18-23?

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Mistakes you shouldn't make at age 18-23?

1. Don't get caught in the fire of love!

2. The pleasure of physical intercourse

And the joy is fleeting

3. Do not destroy anyone's life for the sake of temporary pleasure

4. Just don't go about it, because you have friends too!

5. Be realistic

7. One sided love is a trap!

6. Give priority to career

7. Balance everything!

9. Do not blindly believe in all the statements

10. Not all people are trustworthy!

11. Do not have blind faith in anyone

12 Do not decide on the basis of anger

13. Do not promise happiness

14. Learn to control emotions

15. Do not hold anyone by force

17. Forced love / friendship is useless

Pure friendship is no more (check people with intelligence)

16. Stay with him who is behind you!

Don't just run after money

16. Don't test anyone just by looking at them from outside.

Sheikh to praise

19 Stay away from negativity (kinship!) 6

20. Respect your parents

21. Follow the goal

22. Exercise every day

23. Someone is avoiding? Never bother him again

24. Moved away? Let go

Ignored? Stop communicating for life

Want to cry? Open your mind and cry

25. Do not test your self-confidence if you are the truth.

Learn to be open-minded

26. Dreams run after, not girls (girl will not be lost, time will be lost) 6

27. Share knowledge, but not free (free knowledge is not valued) 6

26. Speak less, learn to listen and be active!

Do not sniff at the work of others!

29. Acquire some hobby skills:

30. He will want to attract you by showing you pictures on Instagram, but you choose his ID card to see the pictures.

31.Be practical in every aspect of life

32. Learn multiple languages ​​besides English

33. Ticking is the only means of spending time

34. Believe in hard work, not in destiny!

35. Never lose your hope,try youf best

36. Choose books as food for the brain

36. Knowledge is the best weapon!

36. Prayer is the best work

39. The best habit of reading and writing, which you can absorb!

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