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Akkas's family goes fishing. He has a good reputation as a fearless fisherman of the village. He has been married for some time. The new wife's father-in-law's house did not last long. And Tikbei or how it is less age then unfamiliar environment again.

Akkas' mother called Akkas and said, "Bapare Maiyada is small, it will take time to get everything ready, which will be for a few days

Raikha income from father's house. When Manda is well, let's take her again.

After lunch, Akkas left with his new wife. He picked up the baur in his own boat and started to leave the boat by himself. After three or four hours, his father-in-law's village. But the problem is that Akkas' father-in-law's house is far inside the village. You have to get off the boat and walk about three kilometers. However, if you are lucky during the day, sometimes a van is available. He has come only twice before after marriage. The day came and the day went back, never the night. But as soon as we arrived today, the evening came down. The mother-in-law will not let the new son-in-law go without eating anything. A lot of time was spent on cooking, eating and happy stories. Esha's call to prayer will be about three hours. Akkas got up and said he would return but Akkas' father-in-law would not leave anything. One kilometer in the middle is too bad. Ghosts or very annoying. When a passer-by goes by that road alone at night, his body can be seen hanging from a banyan tree in the morning or found on the edge of a field. So he did not want to leave his son-in-law at night. Meanwhile, Akkas is stubborn, he must go.

With the money in hand, he came home with some sweets. If you don't catch fish tonight, maybe the stove won't burn in your house tomorrow. Mother and younger sister have to fast at home. Whatever happens, he will have to return tonight. He explained to his father-in-law that the ghost could do nothing for him because he knew how to drive away the ghost. Akkas's father-in-law realized that his son-in-law could not be stopped, so he said that the road from Belgach to Badi was about one kilometer away from the one that was about a kilometer away. No more worries if you can cross the bell tree.

Akkas left his father-in-law's house and left for home.

It stopped a short distance from the corner of the banyan tree, the silver moon shining in the sky, yet it was pitch dark around the huge banyan tree. He took out the match box and bidi in his lungi and saw that there were only three bidis left. You have to cross this one kilometer path by holding these three bidis. Holding a bidi, the other two and the match again put his foot in the lungi and walked. As soon as he crossed the banyan tree, someone called him by his name - Akkaisa, O Akkaisa!

As soon as Akkas stopped and turned his head, he remembered his father-in-law's warning, "Be careful, no matter who calls you, don't look back." They are very ugly, dyka rises in the throats of their people.

Akkas does not look back. Rather the speed of walking increases more. As he walked, it seemed as if someone was walking with him, twisting the branches of the trees beside him.

This time someone called from his side - Akkaisa, that Akkaisa hunsana?

This time Akkas cleared his throat and said - in that cadre? If you have the courage to come forward. Theka Ducks Can in the back.

- You throw the fire in your hand, you have a log.

- That's all I have to say, Agunda Falaide, I don't understand the money to buy? I am Falamuna, I can't quench my thirst for bidis.

- Akkaisa Agunda Fala Bhai, let me tell you a little story. Everyone is scared of me, when I call, they don't answer, they run backwards. Are you talking about my beautiful log? Agunda falayade bhai, let me tell you a little story.

Listening to the unseen, Akkas almost forgot that the hand-held bidi was running out. Hut noticed that towards the end, he stopped and took out another bidi from his lungi. As soon as he grabbed the bidi, someone shouted from the side and expressed his annoyance. - What did you do, you grabbed the can again, I told you to talk less, you didn't listen.

My thirst is not satisfied. Not at once, tell me what to say.

Agunda falayadena brother!

Ah! You didn't burn it. Get away!

You're kamda but you're not doing well, Akkaisa. If you listen to me, I will make you rich. The house building is Tuila Dimu. Agunda falayade.

Yes, you have fooled me, I don't know what you are, throw away the bidi and you come and twist my neck and hang it on the bot tree. A lot has happened this time, I don't need your building.

Akkas can walk very fast at such times. One kilometer is nothing for him but even though he walks so hard today, it seems that he knows why the path is not ending. Meanwhile, the second bidi of the hand is also nearing the end.

He looked at the burning bidi in his hand and expressed some annoyance, remembering that Aizaka bidigulan was also going to die soon.

Burning bidi number three, Akkas walked in more pairs. The helpless hungry face of the old mother and younger sister appeared before his eyes. Apart from him, there is no one to put food in their mouths. If something happens to him today, his mother and sister will have to die without eating. No, he has to live anyway. More pairs walked.

The bell tree is probably seen in the distance. He does not have much trouble walking in the moonlight. And have the habit of moving at night. He walked louder and louder, meanwhile the last bidi in his hand was also nearing the end. As he walks, the trees on the side are also doubling.

As soon as he crossed the bell tree, it seemed that a huge storm had risen in the bell tree. As if someone was smashing the stalks with bullets, someone seemed to explode in a rage - Baicha Geli Akkaisa like Aizaka. And if one day I find you in the bag, then Myrafalaimu knows.

Akkas took a deep breath and started walking towards the ghat. Realized that the big survivor survived. The thing was more convenient anyway

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Very well writing

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