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1FLARE TOKEN | What is it, How Does It Work and How Can You Win Crypto With This Project!

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8 months ago

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  1. What is Pipeflare?

  2. How it Works and How to win 1FLARE.
    2.1. How much did I earn in 3 weeks!
    2.2. Leaderboards.

  3. Daily Rewards.

  4. Battle Pass.

  5. Staking.
    My Refer link we both win if you use it:

What is Pipeflare?
Pipeflare or is a play-to-earn(P2E) gaming community with 60,000+ daily users, PipeFlare runs on 1FLR, a decentralized gaming token that is used to reward members. They are a new project that start in 2020. Their more important current goals for 2022 includes Battle Pass - $45,000 Prize Pool ( that I'm going to talk about below) and Opening up ecosystem to third-party game developers which means that if some game developer wants to make the game profitable Pipeflare is going to be ready to receive them.

How it Works and How to win 1FLARE
They have a lot of ways to earn in but the better way to win 1FLR is to play their games (you collect the token on the game when they appear witch they do very often) on the website or if you use mobile in the app. Their current games are traditional ones, with a 30 min play you can already win 50 1FLR tokens, you can play as many as you want if you have lives, they give you 3, and then if you spend all of them they give you every 10min another one.

How much did I earn in 3 weeks...
I did not play more than 1h per day in those weeks and I manage to win 2300 1FLR tokens, with no referrals just playing, staking, and daily rewards, that converted to USDT is 2.10 and now you probably are thinking that 2 dollars per 3 weeks are bad, no? well as I say I did not play that much but 1FLR is only at 0,009 usdt and they have only 4M of Market Cap witch means that it could someday explode if the projects continue to give something to users be hopeful about. ALSO PLAYING IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO EARN...


This one I couldn't do and that's why I did not gain that much, Pipeflare has to each game Leaderboards that give you some prize if you get a good position, they do that every week to the 300 best players, of course, if you stay top 10 you will receive more, from my experience it's easy to get 40 best but to get top10 you have to play a lot. They have 7 games you can compete in all of them and try to gain in any leaderboard.

Daily Rewards
Every day you can receive 1FLR, ZEC, and MATIC. You will receive more if you use BRAVE or if you do some tasks like link accounts if you want of course. Currently, I'm receiving per day 3.7 1FLR, 0.00006 ZEC, and 0.0012 MATIC. Personally, I don't think this is a lot but the thing is using the Daily rewards when the bear market starts and all the Tokens drop and you will receive more.

Battle Pass
The most exciting thing they announce is for 2022! This battle pass gives only 30min per month to every player who buys it and the best ones will receive a 2000 dollars reward split, so basically if you buy it you just have to play 30 min per month and be one of the best to receive a great amount of money. If you are interested in buying it use my referral it will cost 20% less if you use it and helps me a lot:

On you can start staking with 500 1FLR tokens, by experience you can win that in 3 days if you play 1h a day well. The rest of the staking details will be in the photo below.

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8 months ago
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Thanks for sharing this should be interesting, I can't wait to start playing. 2022 is a good to earn more online as I increase my portfolio on the truly decentralized multi-coin wallet application from

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8 months ago

This looks interesting, I will test it out with your ref link. Thanks for the info! :D

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8 months ago