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A Busy Week (Photo Stories 112221)

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1 month ago

I just had a busy week after on schooling for six days. A day before the class started, I am able to go out to have some fresh air. Even halfway of the class, I decided to go to the park with my wife and brother-in-law. After the schooling has finished, we went to the beach again for fresh air.

Before my schooling, we went to Limahong Eco Tourism. It is connected to Lingayen Baywalk. The water is still, and it's technically part of the river while not to far from this area in the picture is the connection of the river and the sea.

It is partially cloudy, and some parts of the sky is still golden. I would love to go back one of these days. If only I have my own car, I'll go back in this place with my wife.

When we went there, many people are around so it is wise to just avoid them. Some people are not wearing their masks, and too insensitive disregarding such guideline.

The moon has been showing for a week, and it's quite big. Just recently, a lunar eclipse was seen but I am unable to view and capture a photo. It's quite difficult to have a view right where we live.

The photos of the moon in the picture above was captured November 14, before and until the sky is fully dark. How I wish my phone has a feature that can capture a photo of the moon well.

Last Wednesday, we're supposed to go to the beach. I want some fresh air being stuck in the room for the entire day of our class. My eyes are tired, and I need to de-stress. However, it seems already dark close to the beach so we just stayed in the park. I'm glad we got to view the full moon.

The daytime view of the Capitol Grounds is beautiful because of tall trees, and green sceneries. The night time view is also beautiful because it was enhanced by the lights. The Capitol Building is also beautiful. I'm glad my phone can capture photos even at dark. I tried on my other phone but it looks very dark and blurry.

After around 20 minutes, we walked back home taking advantage of less people on the street. But there are so much lights all over Maramba Boulevard Park, that there's not much fear walking. However, we had our dinner from a restaurant nearby so we won't be cooking food when we get home.

During my schooling, my wife took charge of our meal. Here are what she prepared for lunch. We had squid partnered with galunggong fish, and vinegar with cucumber as the dip. We also had kebab presented in lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes. Lastly, fried huge fish along with stir fried tofu and cabbage.

It's such a surprise. I never expected my wife will prepare something after my schooling. Of course, I knew she will prepare food but not this many, along with the congratulatory text in the background.

A day after schooling, I need to throw my stress away so we decided without clear plans to go to the beach. There are quite many people around but we went to the vacant area. However, there are some people begging for money or even forcing you to buy what they're selling. As much as we want to avoid people, they're the ones who will approach you. It's kinda annoying.

It's been quite a long time that I didn't bathe in the sea water so I drenched myself but in a shallow area. Perhaps around 1 or 1 1/2 hours there in the beach. It is also an opportunity that I did some deep breathing.

Hoping the situation gets even better as we are now heading back to normalcy. Still, hoping something should be done towards those beggars forcing you to give them anything as they roam around without awareness of Covid. That way, movements would be much easier.

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Written by   48
1 month ago
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Sir bat naman ganun.😁 Sobrang ganda ng place niyo. Parang gusto ko pumunta diyan. Sarap naman pumasyal diyan parang napaka peaceful. Sobrang ganda talaga.

Ginutom pa ako sa foods sobrang sarap.🤤 Ang sarap naman nung squid with galunggong fish tas may cucumber pa talaga Huhu kagutom sir.🤤

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1 month ago