Showing a little of what is in Bogota, Colombia.

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Colombia is a country that I have liked a lot, and with this it is the third time that I come to visit my son.

Its climate is very cold, although snow does not fall here, it is always raining, even if it is a light drizzle.

Graffiti is seen everywhere and quite unlike other countries where graffiti is not allowed on the walls of the city streets, here it seems to be something indigenous to the place.

Colombia has a lot of vegetation and everywhere we see trees, bushes and many flowers, the climate is conducive to plants and they don't have to water them since it rains constantly.

Parks abound in this country, every 3 blocks you can find a public park where you can take your children and take your pets for a walk. Also all residential complexes have a private park.

Sundays are full of children and dogs playing and running through the parks.

Inside each park there are free outdoor exercise machines. You always see the machines full of people training. Colombia is a country where sports are very popular.

Bicycles and motorcycles are also used a lot, I will show you this in other publications. Colombia has many good things.

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