Let's write my diary. Day 5 - I don't understand US politics.

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Hi friends. Today we will write day 5 of my diary and we will talk about some things that have always worried me about the policy they have in the United States to give or deny a visa.

Watching videos on YouTube I realized the news about the denial or exclusion that Venezuelans have about the H2B visa and about any visa petition.

I understand that due to the political problem that we have in Venezuela, measures are taken to let the president know the discontent that his counterpart has in the United States, but that only affects Venezuelan citizens and not the high leadership of the government.

Venezuelans who are in US territory are being well cared for and well treated by that country and all its inhabitants, much better than in others where xenophobia is destroying them.

What does not seem logical to me is that if they want to help Venezuelans migrate to another country, they have to do it illegally and by trails.

It happens that Venezuelans were excluded from the Visa Lottery programs and recently they were also excluded from the H2B, H2A and all other visa programs.

For this reason, Venezuelans have no choice but to enter illegally through the Mexican border, where many have had to lie since they are not in danger of death (because of the situation we are, but that is not an argument to request asylum ). So they prefer to listen to a lie of credible fear, although for us it is, but for them it is not enough, since otherwise we cannot enter that country.

In 2016, when the American embassy was still in Venezuela, I went to ask for my visa. And when they asked me: Do you have any relatives living in the United States? I answered yes, because it was the truth. But then my visa was denied.

Could it be that if I had said that I did not have anyone from my family there, they would have approved it?

So, now with the work visas, they are in need of workers and it would be a way to help many Venezuelans to enter legally as it should be and it would be a way to filter out many people who only want to go there to create problems. But then they close all the legal doors on us and leave the door of illegality wide open.

Maybe they should review the rules and improve some things. Or is it that now we must lie? It is the country of opportunities and we all want to be included in those opportunities. The gesture they have towards those who are there is appreciated, but they should think about those people who want to enter legally.

Hopefully everything will be fixed so that we don't have to leave our country and that we don't create problems for others who have treated us so well. On behalf of all my countrymen, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

What do you think about this? What knowledge do you have of these visa petitions? Tell me if you agree or not. I will be reading them. See you tomorrow friends.

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