Let's write my diary. Day 48.- Now I understand why he didn't keep a diary.

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1 year ago

Hello my dear friends. I had days without writing and the death of my little pet left me very sad and clouded my mind.

Last Saturday he turned 8 days after leaving us. Well, life goes on and I really don't want to replace it with another pet.

On the other hand, these days without writing have made me think that I never made a diary since I am very ordinary, and I don't have so many interesting things to share with you.

I feel that you can get bored with my posts that don't really have content that catches your attention and I don't mean to bore you.

Last Friday the 15th was my sister's birthday, the youngest of all 7 siblings. You know what I told you: I have a big family, so there is always a birthday.

I asked if I could take photos, but the answer was no. She suffers from Psoriasis and right now she is full of sores that are peeling off due to the stress she has because she is the one who takes care of my mom.

So, out of respect for her and my mom, I didn't take photos, I only took the cake, which turned out very pretty. It was made by my niece who makes cakes to sell.

Actually, I would have liked to take a photo and remember my mom, who felt calm that day. But it has been talked about and I must not continue insisting.

Until we meet again friends and write a new page of my diary.

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