Let's write my diary. Day 39. Another birthday.

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1 year ago

Hello my dear and faithful friends. Today I am going to publish earlier since every afternoon they are cutting off our electricity for approximately 4 hours.

So I have to manually rearrange my posts in order to share my diary with you.

Today is my nephew's birthday, one of my nephews because I have many. And it is that having a family as big as mine we will always have a birthday boy every day or almost every day.

The bad thing for me is that I will not eat that cake and I will not be able to congratulate my nephew personally because he is not in the country.

He was one of the many who have migrated to another country looking for a better life while he is here

I already congratulated him on whatsapp, we have a group by phone to do this every time one of us has a birthday or to inform us of anything between family members.

But of course expressing our feelings personally is not the same as expressing them through a call, but we must comply.

In any case, we continue with the hope that all this will pass very soon and our family can be reunited again as before. God allow it.

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