Let's write my diary. Day 27. Confessions.

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1 year ago

Hi friends. This is not a page from my diary. Today I want to vent a little, between the worries and the stress that I feel today I didn't wake up very well.

Although I have been watching many self-help and meditation videos, I feel that it has not helped me or that it may be removing something that I have deeply rooted in my heart.

I prefer to think that it is the second, if so, that I take it out and throw it far away from me so that it does not come back into my life. There are days when I wake up melancholy and sad for no reason and for no apparent reason.

The metaphysicians say that one gets stressed because we are living in the future, that we must live in the present, and that is what I am dealing with.

I confess that I have seen many miracles in my life, but being human and that I make mistakes, I sin every day for having many thoughts.

I think a lot about the problems, what I can do, what could have been, the mistakes of the past. You must not do this, that is where my faith that things will work out must work. Haven't I already seen it in my miracles?

Could it be that my faith is the size of a mustard seed? No, I have faith, I believe in myself and I believe in God who can do much more than me. I have decreed and it has been given to me, so why not believe?

Excuse my little catharsis, it's just that I needed to get some thoughts out today so they don't continue to bother me.

So I am going to finish with this phrase that I really like: I AM GOD'S FAVORITE DAUGHTER.

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