Let's write my diary. Day 26. The War.

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1 year ago

Talking about war is talking about many things that happen every day in silence within each one of us and outside of us.

That is a war that we all fight that no one notices unless you say so, tell someone else.

But today we are talking about an external war, a war of one city against another.

I had avoided talking about this topic because it is something very sad for me, in a war lives are lost and the ones that remain end their lives frustrated.

I am one of those who thinks that human beings should be free to walk on any land where they can go.

We should not need any passport or other document to enter a place to know it or to live it.

It considers the European continent privileged since Jesus walked on its soil when he came to earth, but men do not consider it that way.

The human being is the most ruthless being that exists on earth, he is the one who destroys with his desire to seize everything, believing that they have bought entire nations with everything and their inhabitants.

Jesus did not walk in America, but it would be the same on this continent. We are not aware of what this divinity means.

Just 5 days and there are already any number of dead, they like to demonstrate their power both in strength and in weapons.

Children, the elderly and the poor little animals are the ones who lose. Children do not understand, the elderly and animals are waiting for someone who can protect them.

What need do we have of a war of this magnitude? It's just political stuff. I trust in God that this president rectify and retract because nobody wants war.

This is just a thought that I have and I wanted to capture it here today so that it lasts in the blockchain forever.

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