Let's write my diary. Day 21- The Happy Twos Day.

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Hello friends, happy day. Today has been much discussed due to the date where only the number 2 appears, 2 which is the month of February, 22 the day and 22 the year, 2 22 22.

For this reason I took on the task of searching the internet for this event that I had never seen before, logically this date is only today. There is no other year 22.

The United States meteorological service assures that another date like this can only be seen in 400 years, that is, in 2422.

This date is a palindrome, a concept that I just learned about and that means that it is read the same from front to back and from back to front.

Numerologists say that the number two means balance, hope and creative endeavors and that you have the opportunity to grow spiritually with this number.

It is a mythical day, so it lends itself to sowing good intentions and manifesting them so that they are fulfilled, since they relate it to good luck.


True or not, the truth is that I am very glad to have lived it, they are things that are learned and I am glad to have created this diary so that it will be recorded here forever.

On the other hand, yesterday my daughter's passport was delivered.

On December 21, she attended her appointment after canceling 200 dollars to be able to get her out.

The passport is an essential document to travel outside the country and it has become very expensive, both in money and in time and effort.

But you already have it, so now you have to think carefully about where you can travel.

Do not worry that you will be well informed about my future trips.

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I am very glad that you had happy days. I hope your next days will be like this too.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your wishes. The same to you.

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