Let's write my diary. Day 14 - Happy day of love and friendship.

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1 year ago

Hello my great friends. Happy Day of Love and Friendship to all, because we are all in love.

I have my children and my grandchildren, whom I love like no one else. That kind of love is also celebrated because it is a love from mother to children and from grandmother to grandchildren.

That puppy you are seeing in the photo was my beloved catire in Colombia, heaven gave it to me. One day he came home and he didn't want to leave, so I adopted him as my pet.

I also celebrate that love, although he is no longer on this earth, but he accompanied me and took care of me with all his love and I loved him. I miss him a lot.

Today I would have liked to go out with someone and have a coffee with a piece of chocolate cake, but that person will come and even if it is not Valentine's Day, they will be welcome. It is always a day to celebrate.

I'm making my post earlier because I feel tired and I want to go to bed earlier. Today the electricity went out for 4 and a half hours and we don't know why. So I couldn't rest my 10 minutes in the afternoon.

I hope you end up spending a romantic day with your ideal partner and that they give you many beautiful things.

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Thank you friend. Thanks for read my blog @shohan431

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1 year ago

It's not a big deal my friend...you are a fantastic writer ....people will automatically read your superb blog just write regularly and be patient

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1 year ago

Please take my virtual love 😘 for your children and grandchildren.. happy valentines day to you

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1 year ago