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Graf Sound: Music Streaming Based on Blockchain Technology

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GrafSound is an online music streaming service platform backed by blockchain technology specifically created to address the issues plaguing the music industry. As the global music industry continues to witness tremendous growth in terms of accessibility to contents by musicians/creators with ease through several revolutionary music streaming platforms ( Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Mixclouds, Grooveshark, Deezer, LAST.FM and many others...) which succeeded the old method of music distribution, while addressing the issue of reaching the music lovers with the best and easiest way ever. Despite the numerous advantages brought by this music streaming platforms, several issues still affect the way music is being produced right from the artiste, distribution, copyrights laws which is not the most favorable to upcoming artists and the need for middle men in order to get things done in the music industry.

Issues like the above mentioned are the reason for the creation of GrafSound streaming platform which is set to give preference to the original music creators while also making it easier for the audience to access contents from their favorite musicians in the most viable conditions that suits all parties involved.

Why GrafSound?

GrafSound's technology is an innovative technology adopted by world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Sony as a copyright protection device, which protects the rights of creators, eliminates irrational structures at the distribution stage, prevents damage to the value of copyrighted works due to duplication, and transparent and accurate settlement. GrafSound being an online music streaming platform but different from the other known streaming giants due to the fact that it is based on the error free, safe and secure innovation (blockchain technology) which makes it a platform that is 100 percent transparent.

Targeted Markets

GrafSound is targeting the South-East Asian music streaming market due to the fact that the SouthEastern Asian countries are known to have serious violations of music copyright rights. In most countries, copyright holders are left to overlook their rights due to lack of copyright awareness, such as loose regulation and inefficient management, which in turn directly affects the original content creator (Musician). GrafSound's representative said: "We will introduce an online service in Vietnam in august to improve the music copyright usage problem and simplify the process of supplying and distributing sound sources.'' With this tremendous announcements, Vietnam becomes the first country set to enjoy the benefits that comes with the Graf Sounds way of music streaming.

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Interesting project. More and more technologies are looks for blockchain based solution and this will help boom crypto markets

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8 months ago